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    Default Are non-smoking rooms available at CSA?

    We are non- smokers, just wondering if the rooms at CSA allow people to smoke in them? If so, does the resort have non-smoking rooms? I don't have a problem with smokers, but have been in situations where I have to be up close and personal with smokers. Talk about a worse hangover than a booze hangover, yikes!! If the rooms all allow smoking, how strong is the smell? Should I plan on fumigating the room myself when we get there? Or since things seem to be very open-air it may not be a issue at all.

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    Scott - hubby and I are non-smokers. In our 3 trips to CSA (4th upcoming in May!), we've never noticed a smell in the room from previous smokers.

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    No issue at all at any of the Couple's resorts!

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    I have asthma and cigarette or cigar smoke is one of my triggers (will set me into a coughing fit every time). All of the rooms at CSA allow smoking. I have never noticed a smokey smell in the rooms, maybe because they have tile floors and there aren't heavy drapes to trap the smell. We've been to CSA numerous times and I've never had an issue with the rooms. I think you will be fine.

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