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    Default Best spa treatments at CSA

    On our last trip to CSA we didn't make it to the spa. This trip we are making it a priority! The girls are going to go while your husbands are on the fishing trip and then my husband wants to do some couples treatments. Definitely a couples massage but what else would you recommend?

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    You will not regret a spa appointment! Other than couples massage, watch their board at the guest desk for their specials. I did a facial with foot massage and parrafin wax treatment on my hands once. I also did a stress relief massage (waist up) combined with a reflexology foot massage. Both were heaven. I've never done the wraps or scrubs but would like to try sometime.

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    I always do the hot stone massage. Very relaxing.

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    We did the couples 90 minute aromatherapy massage and I have to say it was the best massage we've ever had at Couples. Not to say the other massages at the other Resorts were not good.

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    This year, I tried the peppermint sea wrap. It was very relaxing and rejuvinating. I also did a facial, also very good! They "assess" your skin so you get a proper facial based on your skin type. Would def. recommend! The lady who gave me my treatments was really good! I think her name was Michelle? I love being spoiled at the CSA spa

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    How did you like the results of the peppermint sea wrap? I am debating on buying this as a pre wedding gift for my fiance, but I have heard mixed reviews on this type of wrap (slimming?) in general. Any thoughts from you, or anyone else who has had the peppermint wrap would be much appreciated. I am thinking about getting her the wrap and/or the body scrub/polish. Thanks for your info!

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    I saw something about a bamboo massage hut it's not listed in the brochure.

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    What is the Spa like? Is it somewhere that you can relax before and after treatments? Sorry, first timer!

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