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    Default September Weather???

    Hi All
    I'm getting married Sept 18th at CSA and I'm worried about the weather. I know it's hurricane season but what about the every day weather in September? I read it rains every day from 2pm-4pm in Sept, which is not good, my wedding is at 4pm..Can anyone help ease my worries.
    PS.. and yes I took the insurance just in case a Hurricane decides to roll through CSA..

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    I would love to ease you worries but here is the truth. We went to Jamaica 6 times in our travels always in September and October and never had a problem (UNTIL) three years ago a tropical storm formed over the island and sat there the whole time we were there. Really sucked but one year out of 6, pretty good odds really. Good luck! P.S. on a normal day you get rain showers for about one hour almost every day. It's really cool because it cools things down and then the sun comes back out.

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    Rain Averages for Jamaica
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    Temperature Averages for Jamaica
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    Just make sure you buy the insurance on the rare chance a tropical storm or hurricane were to hit.
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    Been to CTI 4 times and always in Sept. for our anniversary. Never a complete wash out. One or two days of 1hr. rains for the whole week mainly at night. We have been very lucky with the rain. We have no control of the weather so don't worry to much. Congrats and keep planning your wedding. You picked a "great" resort in Couples and you will soon see why.

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