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    Default CSS Repeaters Dinner

    The last time we were at CSS the repeaters dinner was on Thursday. I have read it is now Wednesday. Can someone please confirm which night it is? Thank you!

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    Wednesday, same as lobster night
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    taken from the Couples San Souci site, Wednesday Repeat Guest Dinner: 7:00pm at Heliconia Suites. An invitation will be delivered to your room. Last March it was on Wed. but held outside around the pool.

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    Yes, it is now on Wednesdays...the same night as lobster night We were there in December. It was still very nice, but they did do a buffet for the dinner, which is not what we were used to either. We prefer being served for this occasion; although, it did mean that our meat was fresh off the grill when we got it. We did get a lobster tail the night we were there, but I have heard others say they only got a couple small lobster medallions.

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    It was Wednesday when we were there the week of Thanksgiving (Nov 16-24, 2012), set up by the main pool.

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    It was on Wednesday. When we were there (Dec.28-Jan 4), it was held around the main pool. We opted to have Lobster Night at Casanova. We've always enjoyed the repeater's dinner, but just wanted to dine together at our fave restaurant.

    One Love!

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    Repeaters dinner at CSS is Wednesday by the main pool; we were there 3 nights ago

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