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    Default Requesting Room floor for Couples Swept Away

    My boyfriend has a bad knee and has a real problem going up stairs and was wondering what the chances are to be put in a first floor veranda? Are they accommodating or do you think we should bring a doctor's note stating this?

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    Explain his problem when checking in and they are usually very accommodating.

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    We have the same problem with my wife's knee replacement. Couples at CSS and also at CSA have been able to get us a ground floor. You may have to take a lesser catagory than you booked until availability , but we have had no problems

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    Call ahead of time and speak with the Couples representatives at the resort you are going to. We have always found them to be very accommodating. You can click on contact us at the bottom of the CSA page to get the number.

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    My experience with Couples has always been wonderful, if they can accomadate you they will. Even with out a doctors note.
    Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes. If they get mad, you will be a mile away and they will be barefoot!

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    They will do everything possible to get you the floor you want.

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    They are usually very accommodating. You will need to wait until you get to the resort to request a certain room & if it is available they will give it to you. If there are none available, they usually offer to move you when one comes available.
    When we were there a year ago, we asked for a 1st floor room & there was no problem at all.
    Enjoy your stay at CSA. We always do.

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    the way the travel agent explained ours to us is that the resort places the rooms as you arrive. I was wondering the same kind of thing, we have an oceanview verhenda, but don't know where.

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    We've actually requested a third floor because we prefer the privacy and view. I'm sure there are a good mix of people that prefer one over the other so you're chances are probably fine. I would call and ask them to put a note on your reservation. They don't guarantee it, but I'm sure they will pay attention if you stress that it is for medical reasons.

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    On one of our visits my sig other was a few weeks pre knee surgery and had a tough time with stairs. We explained this to the customer service rep at 1-800-Couples, and also on check-in at the resort. There was a note in our file from the woman we spoke with on the phone, and we were all good with a first floor room in the room category we suggested.

    I think if you follow this guideline you should be all set with your room. The staff is very accommodating.

    Have fun!!

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