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    Default Choosing between Negril or Ocho??

    I am sure there are comments about this previously, but everyone has different views.

    My fiancee and I have already decided that we are going to a Couples resort for our honeymoon but we are having a difficult time deciding between the 4 as they all sound great in their own ways. I would really appreciate some feedback from those who have experienced different resorts.

    We enjoy hanging out on the beach and we don't want to be bothered by vendors while doing so. Is this an issue at the Negril resorts? Also, is there ever an issue with acquiring a beach chair when you're ready to go onto the beach?

    We are still fairly young and enjoy the nightlife. We would love to have something going on during the night - nothing too crazy, but at least a bit of activity. Do all resorts provide this? The piano bars sound great!

    One thing we really enjoy doing while visiting places we have never been before is hanging with the locals. We love going into town and just visiting with the bartenders at other restaurants/bars and also hearing their stories of the city. Is this safe to do in both areas? We love to experience the local food and drinks also.

    It seems that there is more activity to do at Ocho Rios resorts which we would definitely want to participate in, but we do love a beautiful beach setting as well. Are the beaches in Ocho not great at all or is this just in comparison to Negril?

    Given all of this information, does anyone have any suggestions for us for our first trip to a Couples resort? I know we can't go wrong, but we would love to have input from veterans based off of our interests. Thanks!

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    You are correct, you cannot go wrong with any of them.

    The beaches are different.

    CN is on bloody Bay, you can walk in 1 direction for a couple miles past several resorts, you can only walk about 50 yards in the other direction because you will be stopped at GLN. Not that many people walking by. The beach is gorgeous and deep

    CSA is on 7 mile beach, you can walk about as far as you wish and this is a public beach so you will have people walking by your chair and they will try to sell you things. It can become annoying but nothing like they bother you at some of the Mexican resorts like Puerto vallarta or Cancun

    CSS is on a private beach, the resort is built into the cliffs. Small beach but very nice.

    CTI was just remodeled a few years ago, also on a private beach, loved the restaurants.

    If you are interested in a/n then CSS, then CTI , then CN have the best a/n experience. CSA has none.

    they have a catamaran trip at CSA, CN and once again at CTI, this is really fun and goes out around 3:00 until 5:30 or 6:00. Try duns river in Ocho and Rick's in Negril.

    The nightlife can be hit or miss at any of the resorts depending upon who is there for the week. We are usually night people, we like to stay up late and sleep late. We have been in the past and the resorts were dead by midnight and then sometimes we have stayed up until sunrise partying with a bunch of people. When you lay out in the sun and drink all day you can be tired in the evenings.

    You can walk to a few bars from CSA, not so much at the other resorts. Ocho is only about 10 minutes from CTI and CSS so you can go into town at night. We have only went to Rick's cafe 4 or 5 times in the evening or visited a cigar shop from CSA in the evening. It is just like the US, most places are safe at night but it depends, if you are walking around flashing $$ you could get into trouble.

    Never really had a problem with chairs on the beachs, people do get up early and save chairs at the pools under the unbrellas

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    We have stayed at all four resorts, most recently splitting a 2 week stay at CTI and CSS. We liked the northern resorts, but really missed the beach and sunsets in Negril. Hands down, we'll be at either Negril or Swept Away next time (and either Swept Away or Negril the time after that if you know what I mean). That said, you can't go wrong at any of the resorts, they are all beautiful, enjoyable and worth a week (or two) of your life.

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    Negril option has better beaches. Vendors cannot bother you as they cannot leave the water line of the beach. Try the One Love bus tour if you wish to tour local establishments. There was no issue finding a beach chair at CN. CSA involved a little more searching to get 2 chairs on the beach.


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    The beaches in Ocho Rios are secluded and therefore smaller than the ones in Negril. There really is no comparison because the sand is smoother in Negril and the beach is endless at CSA and super long at CN. At CSA you could just wander down the beach and totally get to interact with the locals. There are shops, bars, restaurants, etc. At both resorts the security staff keep the vendors away unless you want them to approach. You will like any of the Couples Resorts. We love CSA and it is super romantic. We are going back for our 3rd time this October. We have been to CTI and the beach just didn't compare and I also didn't think it was as romantic an environment as CSA. Just look at pictures, read reviews, and prioritize what you want out of your honeymoon. Good luck.

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