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    Default Does Gift Shop sell cigarettes?

    and if so what brands and what are the prices? Thanks, Kim

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    yes. I don't smoke but I think I saw Marlboro and maybe Newport. The prices were about same as US. You may want to buy at a Duty Free shop before you land.

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    Quote Originally Posted by irishkim814 View Post
    and if so what brands and what are the prices? Thanks, Kim
    You dont say which resort you are staying at. I can only speak for CSA that they do sell in gift shop. They had most major brands, they are not made in US so tastes a little different. I dont remember exact price but it was cheaper to buy from guy selling on beach. He sells for around 5 per pack and you can negotiate with him.

    The best deal is to buy duty free at airport before you depart US.

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    they hv a vending machine at csa. my wife ran out of cigs which ended up costing $8 or 9 per pack cant remember exactly. this time we will be bringing a couple more packs . my advise is to buy them at home

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    yes but mostly Marlboro and not a big variety of those and very expensive but aren't they expensive everywhere now, why not pick up a carton at the airport duty free that will save you a bunch

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