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    Default Which Resort? Which Room?

    We are planning a destination wedding at one of the resorts. Which one is the best for a quite romantic spa like experience? Also which room do you recommend? We want something private, close to the beach. First floor to walk out the veranda is preferred. Any rooms numbers you would suggest?

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    When you say a romantic, spa like experience the first Couples Resort that comes to mind is CSS with ample room to wander and explore...although all rooms are in buildings (blocks). But when you say that you want something private and close to the beach then CSA fills the bill as it has beachfront suites where you can walk from the verandah onto the beach. As for room doesn't really matter because you can't request them. Well, you can, but Couples is under no obligation to fulfill that request. The good thing to know is that no matter which Couples Resort you choose or room category you stay in you're going to have a blast and want to keep coming back for more.

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    If you want a destination wedding go to CSS. You will have the most beautiful wedding photos you can imagine.

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