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    Default What to pack?!?!

    help! We are heading there on our second honeymoon in 15 days ... and I can't figure out what to pack!! I have seen a few things listed, but what should we bring clothing wise? How many dressy outfits are recommended? I have heard of a Gala, what attire is required? thanks in advance for any and all feedback! Can't wait to be sitting on the beach with a drink in my hand!

    Kate and Riley

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    I usually wear a dress to dinner every night. I bring 2 or 3 that are somewhat dressy and 3 or 4 casual sun dresses. During the day I am in a swim suit and cover up almost all day. I usually bring 3 outfits for the day incase we leave the resort. I overpacked the first time we went to Jamaica and I think my bag gets lighter on every trip!

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    Unless you schedule off-site excursions, you will be living in your bathing suits during the day. They take forever to dry out, so pack a minimum of 3 suits (more if you have them). People do tend to dress nicely for the Starlight Gala on Friday night at CSA. I wore a summery dress, and Bob wore linen slacks and a collared shirt. If you plan to eat at Casanova, you will need much the same attire as for the Gala (guys must wear slacks at Casanova). If you want to eat at Pallazina at lunch, you do need be wearing a dry swimsuit and a cover up. I would change into shorts and a top if we ate at Pallazina at lunch. At the beach grill, you can just wear your swimsuit. The beach party is very informal - shorts and t-shirts would be fine. Hope this helps.

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