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    Hi I haven't seen this question before so maybe it's not important to most but I was wondering about the washrooms at Sans Souci. Some of the pictures have beautiful walk-in showers, some have jacuzzis and some have just regular bathtubs. I believe the jacuzzis are in the beachfront suites but don't know about the others. We have an ocean front suite booked. Also wondering if anyone can tell me which blocks have the ocean front suites and which ones you would recommend. We love a beautiful view so we're thinking maybe G but also appreciate something that is not too noisy later in the evening. Thanks for your help!

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    Are you booked for an Ocean Suite? There is no "ocean front suite" that we're aware of at CSS...only Beachfront. We believe Ocean Suites are located in Blocks E, F, & G. These are great suites with beautiful views and walk-in showers. Our favorite Block is G where we have found the most breathtaking views of the resort and sunsets. We've stayed in both E & G blocks and have never had an issue with it being "too noisy in the evening". In fact, we've enjoyed sitting on our balcony and listening to the music from the performances done near the Balloon Bar. Have a wonderful visit!!

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    Hi Yes, I should have said one bedroom ocean suite. Thanks for the info. Do you request a block when you check in or can you phone ahead for that? G sounds great as I'm hoping to really enjoy the food without the guilt so I'll be glad to do some stairs.

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