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    Default CSS versus CTI- First timer questions!

    My husband (27) and I (26) are planning our 4th trip to Jamaica and are considering trying out Couples this time! Just a few questions (for now!)...

    In regards to each resort:
    1. Are the AN areas social? Are there ever games going on? (We have inflatable beer pong, would something like that fly?

    2. Are the AN areas pretty busy? Which seems to be the majority, AN or clothed sides?

    3. I see that topless only is allowed on the main beaches (except CTI where its only allowed on the pier, right?), how common is it?

    4. How is the nightlife? Do the resorts shut down at 10:00?

    5. I thought I saw reference somewhere that they charge for red stripe in the minibars, true?

    Thanks everyone!!

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    I can only help you with css.

    Yes an area is social if you want it to be. we prefer to be by our selves. Water pong would be a hit.

    not to busy on an side. main pool can be pretty busy. Have to get your spot on the an side pretty early if you like shade like me. On average id say there is 20 or so couples a day the time we go mid January.

    don't know about topless on beach since we spend our days at the an beach.

    nightlife at css is good. have the after party tues and friday at the beach which is pretty fun. after 11 or so other nights slows down. Spend my time at the beach bar with a few other couples and we have a good time.

    Beer is always in my mini fridge. Pretty sure it is red stripe. Never been charged for it.

    Hope this answers some of your questions. We were torn between cti and css our first time. Chose css because the quiet beach and not shutting down because wind and have not looked back since. 3rd trip coming in 1 week.


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    Thank you Karl! (I have no idea why this topic posted twice!) Css sounds perfect! So excited!

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