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    Default I just pulled the trigger for CSA, March 17-24 Premier beachfront! Oh Yea

    Well I have been lurking here for a while gathering all the amunition I can. I am going to CSA in a Premier Beachfront thanks to Deb at sunset travels. Totally stoked, a couple questions, any advice on a ground floor or upstairs room? I was maybe going to venture out one day, anyone try the swim with dolphins? or the One love pub crawl? Thanks and see ya in Negril!

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    I just pulled it for march too, but the only room available during the week I could go was a Garden Verandah. I think I got a good deal on the week too...

    I can't wait! Have fun!

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    If you booked Premier Beachfront, you'll want the ground floor with the awesome wrap around porch!!

    You'll LOVE this!

    As far as excursions, we've always been sucked in by the sand gravity, and with the exception of beach walks, have never made it off resort!!

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    the premier beachfront rooms on the second level also have huge verandas, but the added bonus is, they have way more privacy plus a better ocean view. We have stayed in both, and recommend the upper units!

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    Booked a Premier room for April. Like you gonegril we have great amitions of doing lots of stuff but then find a chair on the beach and do not leave it!

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    OK, please follow maitai's advice and choose the 2nd floor room for the Premier Beach Front....That way we wont' be dukin' it out for those awesome first floor wrap around porches! And honestly, we've never had a problem with people peeking into our private areas....and once you see those awesome wrap around porches with the lamp and the chairs and rocker, you'll KNOW what I mean!!!

    Have fun!! And if you're looking at ground floor, aim for 1126....This is right opposite the night time guitar concert as well as the shipwreck party, so you have the chance to witness both from the pleasure of your own private porch....

    CSA = Perfection (for us)!!

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    You will have a fabulous time. We did a day trip with "Your Jamaican Tour Guide" (dot com), and had a great experience. Alrick runs a very professional business, and Kissan our guide is his life-long friend. We did our own version of a South Coast tour: YS Falls, Appleton Rum Factory Tour, some local grilled fish at Border, etc.. A really good day, gave the Black River Rafting a miss as we wanted a more laid-back and relaxed itinerary. The rum punch at the Appleton factory was the best I've ever had...and I've sampled a fair bit. Couldn't get them to divulge the "secret ingredient", unfortunately. Will have to keep experimenting at home.. Enjoy!

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    Hi, I booked through deb mar 17-23. I am signed up for one love pub crawl that wed the 20th. Looking to have a crazy and good time. Sign up for that day if you're in

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    gonegril, What? "people peeking into our private areas", What? When on the wrap around porches, please put some clothes on!!!!! Can't wait until the end of March!

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    We'll be there Mar 18-23 for our honeymoon. Can't wait!

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    Whichever you get you will enjoy. We always book the upstair rooms as the privacy is so much more enjoyable. No one looking in the see what your room looks like or what you are doing while they walk past on the path. Mornings with room service coffee and fruit on your large balcony while looking down on an awakening resort is so nice...ya mon. Name:  Sunset.jpg
Views: 1063
Size:  84.7 KBThe sunset views are not too bad either!

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    You'll LOVE CSA!! My wife and I are returning (4th time) March 18th - 28th. We would love to do the Pub Crawl! Always like leaving the resort for some Island culture. We always stay in a second floor BFVS and love the view and privacy. See you there and lets see if we can make plans for the "One Love Pub Crawl".

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    Going to CSA March 21-28th If you are planning a One Love Pub Crawl during this time "Hook us up!" Not really sure how to sign up for one. It is our first time down to CSA.

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    We booked for a GVS. We may up grade if available. Sounds really good about plan for a One Love Pub Crawl. I like to add you as a friend and keep in touch. Thanks and hoping to make new friends.

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    We will be there March 23-31 and are also interested in the One Love Crawl during that time. From what I read, we don't have to coordinate it, just call/email the guy and make the arrangements. Sounds like we could have a nice crew from CSA!

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    lalaillinois we should see what can be done for One Love Crawl. Look into getting your name added to a spreadsheet. Check out postings for spread sheet for March first timers. Is this your first time at CSA?

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    Hi Aurora!
    No, this is our 4th time to CSA, but it would be the first on the Crawl. On our first trip we spent the first 5 days at Catcha Falling Star (Ivan's restaurant) and so got a taste of some of Jamaica. But then went to CSA and fell in love and seldom venture off resort now, except for walking the beach, since sand gravity hits. Yes, please add us to the spreadsheet. Would be really fun to do the crawl with fellow-CSA-ers (and Illinoisians?- Aurora?)

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    This is our 1st time to CSA and Negril. We would be interested in doing the pub crawl also . I have cut and pasted info from TA on Pub crawl here.
    Owner description: One Love Bus now doing Wednesdays,Fridays and some Sundays.However if your group is minimum 8 we could make arrangement for other days.Pickup time at your hotel starts at 2:30 pm, crawl ends immediately after sunset.We visit about 7 authentic bars and Scenes on the One Love Drive on the West End of Negril.The tour is free to the visitors.The driver accepts tipping.One Love.Lenbert Williams
    So it appears if there are at least 4 or 5 couples interested, he will setup for a specific day rather then Wed and Fri. My wife and I are there from Mar 21 to 28 and would like to fit this excursion in one afternoon. If any one has a suggestion on how we could possibly arrange to get a group organized, maybe they could post here? I was considering Monday Mar 25 as a possible day, if there is enough interest?
    Greg & Marilyn

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    Monday March 25 sounds good for Aurora and David. Will we schedule once we are there? We are staying in the Atrium section.

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    Greg52 wants to get a group together to do a crawl on Monday Mar 25th. Are you interested?

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    Greg52 would like to get a group together for Mar 25th are you interested?

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    I found a number to contact Lenbert Williams at 876-874-6631 or email at Do you want to email him or do you want me too. Let me know either way. Thanks and hoping to make new friends.

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    We would be interested in the 25th! Larry and Lisa. I will check these boards as we get closer and when we are there for more Info in case something changes. But I think if we are t going on an "off day we need commitment form enough folks. So looking for some definite participants. Looks like greg52, aurora, and lalaillinos. Anyone else?!

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    hi Aurora55 - I think if you set something up for a specific day and post it, people will commit to going more so then just leaving it open ended. We plan to go sometime during the week. If Monday Mar 25 works for Lenbert and if we get enough people, let's do it!!

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    Hi Greg52
    I placed a new thread and hopefully we can get enough couples together. Will let you know how it goes.

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