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    Default Itís been 5 years since we were married on the beach at CSA

    Today, Jan. 9, is our 5th anniversary. Every year since we have spent our anniversary somewhere sunny, including trying out CTI and CSS. This winter we took an early vacation in Dec. 2012 so for this anniversary we are both at work, and let me tell you, it sucks. So here I am reading the message board and dreaming about being in Jamaica instead. Our wedding day was so incredible. I canít think of a better way to it than to walk barefoot through the sand to marry the one you love. It was a gorgeous sunny day and the backdrop with the turquoise water in the background was absolutely perfect. It was the best decision to get married in Jamaica, and at Couples. For those who also have... you know what I mean. For anyone contemplating it.... do it! ....I think we need to book to return to CSA for Jan. 9, 2014....

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    I, too, got married at CSA but it was 8 years ago this past Oct. (2004). We are finally coming back in March but will be trying CSS. We went to CN back in 2006 so wanted to check out the "other coast".

    Planning on going back to CSA in Oct 2014 for our 10 year!!! I'm sure a lot has changed since we were last there.

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    I know how you feel. We were married at CSA January 14 1999. We have been to CN for our 10 year and CTI for our 12 year. We are planning on being at CSA for our 15 next year and as I sit here and read the messege board I wish it was this year. I hope someday to be able to spend every anniversary in Jamaica. Happy Anniversary!

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