What can we say -

My husband and I loved our visit from 12/26/2012 to 1/2/2013. It was awesome.

From the time we arrived at check in till we departed. The staff was so helpful.

Shout outs!!! Where do I begin -

Check In- The young lady at the desk.. I never saw her during that week so I didn't get her name
Sandrea White- Awesome job! I was in contact with her almost every month starting last January for our trip in December. Sandrea is detailed and organized. She made sure my requests were honored no matter what I wanted.I can only hope Randymon sees this as she is awesome.

The omelet cook every day... she had such a bright beautiful smile...young face and remembered me from last year!!! Cooked whatever we wanted.

The entertainment staff- Kirk, and oh so many... actually made us feel important.

Nicole Clarke - made sure every "I "was dotted and "T" was crossed for myself and husband. He is hard to please. Smiles, chit chat and good service is what she offered us.

Our cleaning service - yes I had to call a few times to get the room cleaned at my time, however, it was perfect and she did an awesome job.

Always Always Ultimate Chocolate... did a wonderful job... and we enjoyed our first night there singing with him.

There is a young gentlemen at the front desk who never goes home. He was wonderful and enjoyed my hello's... Very helpful also.

Lemon Grass bartenders and Head person - Made sure my reservation change from 2 to 4 was recognized as we met a couple last year and we decided to enjoy each other companies this year. She was great and again, never got her name.

Orin- Feathers - his service was impeccable and he attended to our every needs.

We made baskets, jewelry and attended Margarita class... totally loved it! Met new couples.

The spa- Wanda, Mary and Colette...wonderful experience and made it personal.

The bar at the spa -- awesome Mango drinks.

What can I say... I have missed so much but we had not stress with staff, food, or events.

We can only hope we go back the same time frame... and just thank God that we can... It is like a dream now... but one that I hope comes back.

We did enjoy and relaxed...

Co workers are jealous that I plan so far ahead starting in January and make things happen. So 12 months out - its worth it. I will do it again this year.

Happy New Year to All.