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    A little disappointed that there were no jerked food selections at CTI last week when we were there.

    Randymon, what happened to the Jamaican cooking?

    Too much ginger being used.


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    We were at CTI over Christmas, and while I don't recall seeing much jerk on the menu at the normal restaurants the beach grill served jerked chicken and jerk burgers all the time.

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    This is kinda strange:

    Jerk chicken is served daily at the Pool grill and Sundays it's both, jerk pork and jerk chicken. On Beach party Mondays we again have both Jerk chicken and pork (with all the trimmings) and Saturdays for Lunch in the patio is Jamaican again with Jerk pork on the carving station. I have confirmed with the chefs there and the menus are/were being followed

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    I miss the goat curry. People keep telling me it's on on one day a week but we've stayed for 14 days for the last two years and again at christmas and I haven't seen it. It's very rare that we miss going to the Patio for lunch.

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    Good to hear that it was offered. I was getting nervous about my upcoming trip because jerked chicken is one of my favorite dishes!

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    What jerk taste like is it spicy, and can it be gotten in diffent strenghts like a barbecue sauce ???

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