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    Default CSS - Beach and Ocean

    I've seen a few comments about the beach at CSS having course sand and sea grass in the water. Hubby and I like to go out into the ocean since we don't live near one to swim and play around. LOL


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    It must have been a recent storm with the sea grass, or perhaps a certain time of year. In Dec/Jan/Feb we did not see any sea grass. (or sand fleas at night like some have encountered, however, I think this happens more often after a rain).
    Personally I think the sand is just slightly more course than Cancun Mexico, but not that much difference. Off white in color.
    My husband does like waves, there were none at CSS, but we did not encounter sea grass at CSS or CSA either time.

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    The sand is course and brown as compared to CSA or CN that have soft, white sand but is good for those of us who don't live near the beach. Occasionally sea grass comes in but it's not going to stop anyone from enjoying play time in the ocean and the Water Sports guys do a fabulous job at getting it off the beach.

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    Thanks for the responses. I was worried we wouldn't be able to go out in the ocean and enjoy it! Many comments about slimey sea grass, etc. Waves don't really matter to me. I grew up with "calm" water (Long Island, NY... north shore).

    Sounds like the sand is more similar to Maui than the Negril side. I can deal. LOL

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    sea grass is there and the little fishies swim around.nothing that you cant walk thru but not pristine and white like negril.also secluded and not crowded unlike negril.

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