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    Default Jimmy Buffets vs Ricks Cafe

    We are going back to CN in February and my boyfriend and I want to go off site. We know that there's a shuttle to Margaritaville from the resort. Is it worth it? We also heard from several other couples that Ricks Cafe is a must go. Which do you prefer? Is doing both needed?

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    I haven't been to the Couples in Negril but have been to several other resorts in Negril. If the shuttle to Margaritaville is like the one from CSS it will be late in the evening. They go and come back at a certain time so once you are there, you are stuck unless you want to take a taxi back. Remember you have to pay for drinks at Margaritaville. I personally would skip it...there are Margaritavilles at the airport and in many locations in the US. Now, on the other hand, I think you should go to Rick's at least once. You want to go for sunset to watch the cliff jumpers. You should be able to find other couples at CN to split a taxi with you.

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    Margaritaville is just like any other bar in the states and way overpriced IMHO. Rick's also has crazy prices and if you're going to see the cliff jumpers, you'll likely see the same ones on the booze cruise.
    If you want to experience some bars, both beach and cliffs areas, I'd recommend the One Love Bus Bar Crawl. Seastar on Saturday night is always a great time. Our favorite cliffs spot is Ivan's, which has a view equal to Rick's and better food, again IMHO. If you're looking for a romantic dinner off site, reserve the 100 candles dinner at Ivan's.
    Enjoy your trip!

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