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    Default CSA honeymoon September

    Hello everyone!

    We are just getting ready to book our honeymoon to couples. After reading all the reviews we decided to go with csa in early sept 2013. Just a couple questions.....
    1) every date I plugged in I couldn't get pbfs to be available so they must be sold out... Our next choices are between a bfs or bfvs. They sound really similar when I read the descriptions. We are mainly looking for a room on the beach where we can just walk out and be at the ocean. Any opinions will really help!

    2) any activities or place that we must see while we are there? Any good snorkeling spots?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Bfs are awesome. That would be my choice. Don't miss the catamaran cruise! Congrats, you will love csa.

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    You can't beat being beachfront! Whether it's for ease of access to the beach or viewing the sunsets, you'll love it. Whichever one you choose you won't be disappointed.

    I highly recommend the night snorkel. You have to pay ($35 per person I think) but it's awesome! You see a lot of different water life that you don't normally see during the day.

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    Thanks for the reply! We ended up booking a bfvs from sept 7-16th. We are already counting down till the honeymoon! I tried to sign up for romance rewards but I don't have a guest number and haven't created a password. Can anyone shed some light on this? This will be our first time at a couples resort.

    The night snorkeling sounds amazing, any other things we need to do while there?

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    Hello Scscase.... I posted this to another person on a different thread, so I just copy/pasted what I told her.

    The PBFS is no longer on the website because there are so few that they have now that it's a different room category. They are afraid to have them available online because it results in overbooking. If you want to book this room, you have to call the resort yourself. The tricky thing... and I learned this the hard way, is that the resort cannot book your flight for you. The room + flight package can ONLY be made online. I did a lot of extensive research, and at least for the websites that I visited, it is much cheaper to book the two at the same time.

    SOOOO long story short, if anyone is interested in getting the PBFS and airfare at the same time, this is what I did:

    1.) Book a different room online so that you can get the room + flight package. I booked a BFVS or you could do a BFS, same price.
    2.) Call the resort and ask to be upgraded to the PBFS. You have to see if they have any available available of course, but if they do, they reserve it for you, and charge the credit card you provided the extra difference that you would owe.

    As far as the Romance Rewards, I did this before I even booked our rooms. I didn't have a guest number or anything like that. I just used the same login information when I created the profile for the message boards. Definitely try and sign up for the RRs though. You get to check in ahead of time, pre-stock your mini-bar, and you earn points each time you stay and you eventually get free stuff.

    Hope this helps... Happy honeymoon!

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