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    Default CN vs. CTI Questions

    Hi everyone!

    My husband and I honeymooned at CTI in September of 2010 and are heading back to Couples in September of this year. (WOOHOO!) This time, we have booked CN in hopes of seeing the other side of the island, spending time on a larger beach, and still getting to be at a small-ish resort. Now I'm starting to question our decision and hoping that some of you can help me either feel better about CN or convince me that I should change our reservation back to CTI. So here it goes-
    1. We absolutely LOVED the food at CTI. We never had a bad meal...and despite being a somewhat picky eater, I found something at every restaurant I still crave 2 1/2 years later. Is the food as good at CN? How is the selection? Are the menus basically what is posted on the website?
    2. At CTI, there was always something to do...whether it be the Newlywed game in the piano bar, trivia at the swim-up bar, a beading class, kitchen tours, etc. We participated in many of these things and had a blast, especially because it helped us meet new friends. When we booked CN last April, I know these things were listed as available activities at CN, but now they aren't listed on the social schedule. Does anyone know if these sorts of things are still available? Can someone please post a recent photo of the activity board with these things listed?
    3. Is there a difference in the weather on the Negril side of the island verses the Ocho Rios side?

    Any information that you all can provide would be SO helpful. Thank you!!

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    No worries, keep your reservation and see the Negril side. We did the same thing after going to CTI a couple years and now we are set on CN. There is plenty to do every day. I made a video of our trip from early 2012, it has a little bit of everything in it. Couples Negril Jamaica 2012 - YouTube

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    Hi M&D,

    We're actually doing the opposite, did CN in 2011 and CTI this April. Here's my answer based on our experience @ CN:

    1. Food is amazing @ CN. No worries there. Menu changes a bit daily.
    2. Lots of activities and excursions if you want to be busy more than relax.
    3. Can't speak from experience, but from what I have read about Ochos Rios, there is more wind. Weather is generally the same otherwise.

    We second guessed going to CTI at first but came to the conclusion that all the Couples Resorts they are pretty much all the same at the core. Just located in different areas. I am sure you will have a great time @ CN as I am sure I will @ CTI. You can't go wrong w/Couples. Period. Enjoy your trip to CN it is an amazing resort in an amazing part of Jamaica.

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    The food is great at CN...just as it was at CTI with lots of choices. There are plenty of activities to keep you going at CN...including beach volleyball twice a day. The weather, in our opinion, is usually better on the Negril side as the weather comes in from the north-east and heads west losing rain over the mountains.

    No need to second guess your plans. You're going to love CN!

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    Ok, I had lost track of this note I left you all on the message board and I just wanted to say thank you for being so sweet and responding!!
    Joey- I LOVE your video!! Thank you for sharing!!

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