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    Default being the missing link and bugs

    My wife and I are going to css at the end of april through the first part of April. I am a very hairy man (the missing link) and sometime I worry about what people think. Are there other overly hairy men there? Plus I'm trying to convince my wife into going au naturel. I love the thought of being free of clothing and just relaxing. Plus I was wondering if there is a lot of bugs. I've read on other blogs about bringing bug repellant.

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    I wouldn't worry about being the "missing link" My husband is hairy as well and frankly it doesn't bother him and no one has ever said anything. It's not like you'll be shedding on people or anything LOL!

    As for the bugs - this will be our 4th trip in April and I've never been bitten by anything. No bug repellant. At home I get eaten alive by bugs if there are any around. I just don't think April is a big time for them. If you're worried I'd bring some bug repellant just in case.
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    No judgement passed while at the au naturel beach. Go for it and don't worry about a thing. 10 or 15 minutes there and you'll see what I mean. Don't pass up the opportunity.... I've heard there are bugs on the beach at night. Haven't got bit at CTI... yet. Have a great time!

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    Hi Humpy no bug repellant required the last two Aprils and I'm a hairy guy too, just relax and enjoy the AN beach. We have taken some but never had to use it at CSS

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    You see all types of people and body types, so I wouldn't worry about hair too much. I wouldn't say there are a lot of men (or women) that look like the missing link, but we've seen a few on the hairy side. We've not encountered bugs at SSB, but we have around the pond area. We've never brought bug spray in 4 trips to Couples,nor have we needed it.

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    SSB is the "No Judgement Zone" of CSS. Come as you are!!

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    humpy I'm not in the missing link category, but I'm probably a distant relative of you. After you visit TI, you will have a whole different perception of your self. It is the most empowering event you will ever have. No problem, mon.

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    I agree with everyone else about the Missing Link. It just doesn't matter here. As for bug repellant, we have been there the last 2 February's, and I've taken and needed to us it. I brought both a small bottle of spray, and some repellant wipes. I only used them when we ate dinner at night out at the Grill on the beach, the Beach Party on Tuesday, and the Gala on Friday night. Personally, I would bring it just in case, because it's going to be expensive in the gift shop.
    Enjoy your trip. We are wishing we could be going back this Feb.

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    Hello! Don't worry about being hirsute (covered with hair) no one at SSB will care! When you get to SSB just breathe, relax and enjoy!

    As for bugs, they love me so I take plenty of bug spray with me. We returned from CSS on Jan 4th and I had 10 bites and my hubby had 2. I hate those darn bugs but I love CSS so we will be returning in July for trip #7!

    Have a great trip!

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