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    Default Special Entertainment at Negril....Feb 14 and 17

    Just received a confirmation from Couples Negril.

    The SILVERBIRDS are returning for shows on Feb 14 and 17.....If you haven't seen and heard them before, or even if you have, you are in for a treat......We've been to Couples for 10 years, and they are the best entertainment we've seen there. Never was a fan of steel drum bands, but these "kids" ROCK!!!!!! Also the only time that EVERYONE in the Terrace paid attention to the show.....

    I'm also just SURE that the entertainment folks at CN did this just for our Anniversary (Married at CN on 2-14-2003)

    Scott and Jennifer

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    We have been to CN 5 times and the Silver Birds have always been there. Usually at least twice a week. Has this changed?
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    They are actually there on Friday evenings and Sunday afternoons every week.

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    LOVE the SilverBirds! They were at CSA this past Christmas and as always awesome!!!! My husband is still trying to figure out how they make their drums sound like a piano!!!! By the way, Happy anniversary and enjoy the show!!!!

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    We love the SilverBirds and have several of their albums. Having said that, this past November/December when we saw them at CSA, we were very disappointed with the changes they have/are making to their performance. They only played a couple of songs, having replaced with a number of other acts/performers. To us we wanted to see and enjoy the SilverBirds, not all of the other acts by other performers that were not the SilverBirds. and it may be that they are trying to appeal to a much younger group??

    You can see some of their performances on You Tube.

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