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    Default A Big Temperature Change

    I left Christmas Day for a little Snowmobile Trip around Quebec before we head to CN on Jan 5th! Spent 4 days and 3 nights saddlebagging around Quebec for a total of 1200 miles. Looking forward to the 85* temperatures of Negril after seeing temps as low as -11*. That will be a difference of almost 100*!!!
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    Wow!! Sure your body can handle that?, if not.......I will gladly take your place. Enjoy your trip and tell us all about it when you get back so I dream through you. Safe travels.

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    That temp difference is always quite a shocker (especially when you're heading back home). Back when we used to fly out of time it was 85 in Jamaica & -15 in Toronto !! You could really feel that 100 degree difference, I'll tell ya !!


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    9 degrees here in Iowa right now. Countdown clock says 6 days left until Jamaica! Forecast for Negril says 85 degress and almost no chance of rain!!! WooHoo!!!
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    Somebody said that Red Stripe is good for adjusting to the temp. diff. Not sure how that works, but I think it does. I know for a fact that it turns my gray hair browner!!!!!

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    One year we left Toronto and it was -30c, we arrived in Montego Bay and it was +30. Now that's a shock to the system.

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    It's 7:30 Sunday morning and we have been at CN for about 20 hours now. Definitely enjoying the warm temps and all the friendly staff we have come to know! Now it's time to slow down the pace and live on Jamaican time!

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