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    Default wine at Couples?

    Hi all! We're gearing up for our first trip to Couples in 2 weeks! Not sure which one as we did the Secret Rendezvous. The resorts have wine, right? Can anyone tell us which brands they carry? If you don't know brands, do you recall if they at least had several options to choose from? Thanks so much!

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    They always have a choice of red and white table wine available. They have typically been Chilean wines. The reservation restaurants will have a bit more variety (a Merlot or a Cab Sav). The resorts also have wines available for purchase. We love our wine (had a bottle of Granache last night); we do not go to Couples for the wine. The selection is adequate, but if you have your heart set on a certain brand or type of wine, you might want to consider picking up a bottle in duty free and bringing it with you.

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    Generally they are Chilean wines - although I do not remember the specific labels. There is a house white, red and blush. In Casanova (and perhaps elsewhere I don't know about) you can get a more upscale wine menu, but it costs extra. I've personally found the wines to be fine - but everyone has their own taste in wines.
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    I'd love to hear the answer to this! I love wine, it's doesn't have to be spectacular wine - but at least good wine Any options such a red blends or malbec? Or just your standard merlot, cab or chard for the included wines?

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    I have been known to pack my own wine in a checked bag (I don't care for the Couples wine, and if I'm going to pay, I might as well bring what I like).

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    Can you get wine by the bottle at dinner that is included? Or is bottled wine extra?

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    Bert how do you pack it so it doesnt' break?

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    This was the red, white and sparking wines being served at CN in October.
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    CTI also has Italian wine.

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    I think I'm going to be very disappointed with the wine selection at CSS from what I have read . I'm kind of feelng we were mislead from what I read before booking . Now I find out the only decent wines I will have to pay extra for . Is there any stores close by that I could buy some good wines and take back to the rseort ?

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    NSFolks - I'm sorry that you feel misled. The reality is, no AI that I have visited offers high end wine as part of the all inclusive package. It really would be cost prohibitive if you think about it. The wine at Casanova at CSS (where you are going) will be pretty darn good. There aren't a lot of stores within walking distance to CSS. My suggestion would be to stop at duty free at your home airport, and pick up a few bottles. That way you can just carry them on the plane.

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    I am not a wine snob but I think the wine they serve is fine and drinkable. I go for the rum and Red Stripe mostly.

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    D&A913: I just wrap the bottle in lots of clothing, pack it in the center of a large suitcase and then hope for the best. I do fear that one day I could be left with an entirely red wardrobe. I have heard others suggest buying at Duty Free on the way in...I am going to check that out in April.

    NSfolks - don't feel mislead. I think Couples is pretty clear that the standard wines are part of the all inclusive price and that there is the optional manager's list for a fee.

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    Depends on the restaurant...some wines are better...some are OK! If you like one in a cetain restaurant, request it at dinner...may problem!!!

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    We were at CN and CSA in December. The house wine was a brand from Chile called "Frontera/Concha y Toro." I found both the Cab and Merlot were decent. You can order a bottle for your mini bar, as well. There are also specialty wines that can be purchased at the fine dining restaurants. I guess one has to remember that Jamaica is "Rum Country, not "Wine Country." Have a geat time. Once you're at Couples...EVERYTHING tastes good!

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    pack your favorites from home. we usually bring a few bottles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by D&A913 View Post
    Bert how do you pack it so it doesnt' break?
    Check out Travel Aids, Wine Accessories. These Bottle Armour Bags are made just for this purpose and they are awesome. We've used them the last two years and our wine arrived home safely. They make great gifts, too!

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