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    i tried this question once before and never have found it. so here goes again. i cant remember which nights the banquets are and what they are. i know repeaters dinner is monday night. so when are the others? thanks


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    Monday is Managers Cocktail Party
    6:30pm everyone is invited

    Monday Night is Repeat Guest Dinner Night
    7:00 cocktails and 7:30 dinner at Otaheite.

    Tuesday is Wine and Cheese Cocktail Party
    6:30pm in the piano bar

    Wednesday is Honeymooners Reception
    6:30pm in piano bar

    Thursday Night is Beach Party
    7:00pm on the beach, amazing buffet and entertainment and fun for

    Friday Night is Chocolate Sunset
    6:00pm on the boardwalk

    Friday Night is Lobster Night
    At all restaurants when in season, July 1 – March 31.
    Irie Mon

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    There is a beach party/buffet on Thursday, a buffet on Saturday and one on Monday nights.

    Yes the repeaters dinner is also on Monday nights.

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