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    Default just wondering (CSA)

    just wondering how long of a walk it is to get from oneside of CSA to the other. We both like how spread out CSA looks.

    first timers

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    That's why we like it, too!
    And of course the sports complex to watch my
    I'm think just a few minutes for us since we were in an atrium suite. It doesn't take long at all...

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    On a leisurely stroll, maybe 8-10 minutes.

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    Hmmm. Good question. Anyone?

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    depends on how fast you walk- 3 minutes maybe? we always left 5-10 minutes early for anything we were going to just in case we ran into people we knew (which almost always happened) or we wanted to stop to get a drink...etc. CSA is amazing The walk is really nice in other ways too.. you'll see what I mean when you try the food ;-) enjoy paradise!!

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    Not far at all - maybe 5 - 7 min leisurely walk.

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    Five minutes at a leisurely pace. The resort is spread out but not so much that you can't walk from one side to the other a few times a day. We stayed at one end of the resort but never felt like we were excluded from anything.

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    It really isn't that far. Most of the moving from one end of the resort to the other would be on the beach path and is probably a 2-3 minute walk. And it is all flat so for most is no big deal.

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    It all depends on how you measure the distance.

    I would say about 1 dirty banana drink walk.

    But then I'm a fast drinker.

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    At a leisurely pace, about 10 minutes, maybe less.

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    Depends on how fast you walk and how many times you get lost. LOL.

    If you are walking along the beach at a "normal" clip, I would say less than 10 minutes. If you are strolling through the grounds and take a wrong turn, more than 20.

    We also LOVE the wind-y, spread out nature of the resort and love traversing the paths through the interior. Although, after 4 visits, we don't get lost anymore. LOL. (Well, I don't, DH has no sense of direction. )

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    It might take you 10 minutes to walk from one end to the other if you're walking at a very leisurely pace. I enjoyed the layout a great deal, and didn't think it was difficult to get across the resort and it was nice that there was a bit of room between each building.

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    I love CSA because it is like a small village. The walk takes 5-8 minutes. Make sure to take a night time stroll around the grounds. CSA is so romantic at night. You are going to love it! CSA ROCKS!!!

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