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    Default Yoga on the Beach

    Any thoughts about how we might persuade the resort to hold some of the yoga classes on the beach early morning. Usually love the classes but being tucked away with no view (and not much breeze) is a real bummer. Yoga on the sand takes a little adjustment but there is really nothing better.

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    I agree with you Alamere , early morning would be a great time say around 8am.
    You can then enjoy the rest of the day.

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    While I was there, yoga was being held on the beach a few mornings a week. Check out the activities schedule at the sports complex.

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    I dont think it is the resort you need to talk to, but the yoga instructor for the week you are there. One year we were at CN and our instructor was Rose who liked to hold the morning classes on the beach, it was great.

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    Which resort? If it's CSA, Yoga on the Beach is on the activities schedule a few times.

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    They have yoga on the beach several mornings at Swept Away.

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    I vote for yoga on the beach at CN in the mornings before all the festivities begin!

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    CSS has yoga right next to the water - great view, so relaxing. Only problem we saw was it was later in the afternoon, well after eating/drinking, so while it was great, an early morning session would have been better.

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