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    Default Posted in a thread but it never showed up

    Posted in the March CN thread yesterday, it said it had to be approved by a moderator and now the post is not there. ???

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    Err, it had to be approved. If you didn't see it, it had yet to be approved.

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    How much longer until all of my post don't require approval? Kind of takes the fun away from using the forum.

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    Never. Moderators approve all posts, and have since the "old forum" years and years ago.

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    How long does it take to get posts approved?

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    Posts should be immediate, like every other message board out there

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    Yeah, I got to say this is kinda ridiculous. I can understand approving the first few to insure the username isn't a spambot but every post?! Stupid

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reeferhead View Post
    Yeah, I got to say this is kinda ridiculous. I can understand approving the first few to insure the username isn't a spambot but every post?! Stupid
    The log-out button is near the top-right.

    It'll solve the issue you are having.

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    Be careful what you wish for. Have you ever been in an un-moderated forum? They are loaded mostly with either rants or SPAM. Would you want to search through loads of advertisements for male enhancement drugs and advertisements for other resorts to find anything meaningful on this forum? You would also find lots of rants, usually either political or religious in nature. That is exactly what would happen to this forum if it was un-moderated. You would also find a lot of mean people on here ranting about any little thing. People usually lose interest in un-moderated forums and simply go away.

    Semi-moderated. The same thing happens. The SPAM and rants fill the forum and the moderator spends too much time cleaning things up. These rants and SPAM get posted knowing that they will be deleted. But they don't care. They will simply create a new user login and post again.

    I would much rather have a moderated forum like this one. You realize that this is not the only job the person who moderates this forum has. This is an additional duty to their normal job. Also, don't you think that the person moderating this forum deserves a day off to spend a little time with their family once in a while?

    You also do not want multiple moderators. With multiple moderators you lose consistency.

    You must learn patience. I think they do a wonderful job with this forum. No SPAM. Most of the conversation is informative and friendly. I can wait a day or so for my comments to get posted. If a post never makes it to the forum, I would think long and hard about what I wrote. I do not want to see them change a thing on this forum.

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    Got to agree with Mad Jack and KrisJamie. Like the moderated format so that responses are applicable and appropriate, not a bunch of ads. If you don't like the format, you don't have to post.

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