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    Default Best Garden Room at CN

    My husband and I just booked a Garden view room at CN for May. This is the first time at this resort, we went to CTI last year and LOVED it, but thought we would give CN a try since we heard such great things about the beach there!!

    The question I have is that we also heard that there are rooms that if we don't want to hear road noise to stay away from. So I was wondering if any of you can give us a recommendation on what Garden view rooms would be perfect for out trip. Any help would be greatly appreciated :-)


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    We have stayed in garden rooms eight times in all the different buildings and have NEVER heard any road noise. You are going to love this place!

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    We just returned home from CN, We were in building 3, room 3303, and it was very noisy. You could hear motorcycles, big trucks and car stereos often.

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    We stayed in Bldg 2 many years ago -- the part of the building nearest the beach. It overlooks the spa. Loved it.

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    Last year we had room 3201 and LOTS of road noise. The horn honking woke me up early in the morning, very annoying.
    Next month when we arrive I'm going to insist on any other building! We had building two the year before and it was very nice.

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    We've stayed in all the Garden View buildings...we liked them all...Maybe Building 3 was our favorite...The road noise is not a problem at all...the AC runs, close the bathroom windows, and all is good...[

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