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    Default What's your favorite couples resort?

    We have been to CSA 2x now. For the 2012 year, we strayed away for couples as we wanted to experience other countries. Being somewhat disappointed with our last vacation, I would really like to return to couples for the 2013 year but not necessarily CSA. Has anyone stayed at all resorts and can give reliable information? We typically stay in the Atriums and I love the private feel that it offers. Pictures are welcome!!

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    We have been to CSA back in 2004 (for our wedding) and CN back in 2006. We haven't been back since. But I just booked a trip to CSS in March. YAY! We can't wait to go back... it's been way too long. But we wanted to try a different resort and shore.

    Between CSA and CN, we liked CSA better. But maybe it's because we got married there too. But I've heard a lot has changed since then so not sure how I'd like it now.

    We hope to get to CTI either later this year or next year. So then we can say we have been to all 4!

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    Depends on if the beach is a big issue. CSS, which is our favorite has a small beach. Although this never feels mobbed, it isn't like Negril beaches. However, we love the ambiance of CSS. I found that CN had more people walking up and down the beach (obviously) and the laid back feeling (even though this never rolled over to the staff) but Ochi has more of an old world feel that we love.

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    Have stayed at all resorts and recommend CSS for variety. Love the one bedroom suites on the cliffs, G-block specifically. Beautiful ocean views, quiet and private. Just a short walk down to the beach or mineral pool/juice bar. Can't go wrong with any Couples resort in our opinion, but this is our favorite.

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    have stayed at only two of them (CN CTI). we love CN because of the beach, it is wonderful headed back in 174 days to CN for the 3rd year in a row. can'tgo wrong with any of the resorts.

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    Been to CSA (1X) & CSS (1X) & CN (6X & booking #7) ...... LOVE LOVE LOVE CN .... Can't beat that beach or that pool area. BTW: We tried CSA first of the Couples Resorts (after trying some other AI's in Jamaica) .... Went to CN, the next 3X & then did the SR & ended up CSS .... After that, we decided that CN was for us & don't even consider the others now.

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    CN and CSS are a very close 1 & 2, then CSA and CTI. All are awesome!

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    We have only been to 1, CSA 3 times and heading for our 4th trip in 4 years(March/April). No others come close

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    Having been to all 4 (love them all), we prefer CTI for the following reasons:

    1. The Best Staff;
    2. The Wonderful Lifetime Friendships We've Made between Guests & Staff;
    3. The Fabulous Food & Desserts;
    4. The Beautiful Sunrises;
    6. The Nostalgia;
    5. The Island;
    6. The Piano Bar Until 3-4 O'clock in the Morning;
    7. Every Trip is Better than the last; and
    8. Last but not least - Honeymoon there in 1980!

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