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    My husband and I are thinking of booking a vacation at CTI in June for our anniversary. This will be our first trip to Jamaica. Can anyone answer these questions?

    1. We are concerned about the security of the resort.

    2. We want nightly entertainment especially bands and dancing. Is this available nightly?

    3. Is CTI highly recommended or is there another couples resort that is highly recommended by others?

    Thank you!

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    Security is tight. No worries! There are nightly options (open air and piano bar). AllCouples properties are fantastic but CTI is our favorite!!!!! We brought our daughters wedding party there 12 years ago and we have been coming ever since!!

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    1. CTI is private with no access from the beach. We have never had a problem with security nor ever feel unsafe.

    2. The entertainment staff does a good job of providing entertainment. Highly recommend the steel drums

    3. We love CTI and keep coming back. Each person has their favorite. It really depends what you are looking for.

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    All 3 of your questions would be a yes when asking in here for any of the resorts. The real questions you may want to seek answers to are what you prefer in a Couples branded resort? They all pretty much offer what Couples's reputation is based on: Exceptional Cuisine, Service, Inclusions and Adult Relaxation. After those basic qualities of Couples' resorts you then have to look @ what is next on your priority list. If beach is important to you, consider the Negril side of Jamaica w/CSA first. If beach and pool both matter, then CN would be your choice. If beach is not overly important to you, then the Ochos Rios resorts of CTI and CSS are worth going to. I have only been to CN so far and I can tell you that we just loved it and almost returned this year. However, we chose CTI instead this year to experience not only the Ochos Rios side, but to take advantage of the Dunn's River Falls excursion as well as to sample the different classy, pampered hotel atmosphere that CTI apparently offers over the Negril resorts. We're also pool people and the CTI pools look very inviting.

    One thing you'll also always hear in here though is stick w/your first instincts. If you liked CTI first when researching, then go with it. Most people always love their first Couples experience, no matter what the resort. Let us know what you decide to do!

    CTI April 25th for our 10th Anniversary! We can't wait!

    Good luck!


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    Security is not an issue at any of the resorts and they always have something going on in terms of entertainment although I wouldn't call it "night life." Seems like most people go to bed early and even though we are typically night owls, after a long day of sun, drinking and eating a little too much, we found ourselves going to bed earlier and waking up earlier. The beach in the morning is so peaceful. As for resorts, it really is a matter of preference. We have been to CSA twice and LOVE it. Decided to try CTI in September and while we had a lovely time, we will not return. We really prefer CSA and are headed back for our third visit in April. We like the public beach vs. the private beach. It's nice to walk up the coast or get some jerk chicken off-property. We also like the bigger, more open/tropical layout of CSA vs. the hotel-like feel of CTI. Others will tell you those are the exact reasons why they dislike CSA. Different strokes! We visited CSS and the property was beautiful but it is very spread out with lots of steps so if that is an issue for you, you might not like that. I also think the beach/water is much nicer on the Negril side of the island. Staff, food, entertainment was great at both properties, though... so you won't have a problem there. Don't miss the steel drum band... Silver Birds... if they perform. They are truly amazing!

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    1. We have never felt unsafe at CTI. I have seen security personnel in the wee hours.

    2. The entertainment consists of the house band usually followed by some other outstanding act like the above mentioned steel drum band.

    3. We are scheduled to return to CTI in 8 days for our 4th time. We have not been to any of the others. Why screw up a good thing.

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