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    Default Snorkeling at CN

    Who amoung you have tried this? Did you boat out to a reef, or is it reachable swimming from the beach? We's love to see some coral and or native fish.

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    You boat out to somewhat of a reef. Plenty of fish. Say "hello" to Jovaine!

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    It was a short boat ride. You will get to spend about 30 min. We saw several kinds of fish, many of which were within inches of our masks. There is a swimming lane at the back of the swim area that I saw several people use for snorkeling also.

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    There are 3 trips a day out in the boat to an area perfect for snorkling.


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    They take you out on a boat to one of several reefs in the area. There's not much to see in the swimming areas because there is no reef there. Here is a video from one of our last trips. Thins spot is just on the other side of the island to the right of Bloody Bay called Booby Cay. This is quite typical of what you'll see.

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    The snorkeling boat goes out twice a day to a reef about 10 minutes from CN. You are provided with all the equipment you need, and you must sign up in advance. They also provide night snorkeling but there is a charge if you want to do that. Hope you enjoy your time in paradise.

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    There are morning and afternoon snorkeling times on the boat. There are several reefs that the guys can take you to. The closest reefs are at the corners of the bay. The best ones are accessed by boat, as they're some distance. I've found mornings are best, the water is calmer, and some of the reefs are fairly close to the surface, and with a little afternoon swell, keeping off the reef can be a little challenge.....Don't ask me how I know.

    Sign up as early as possible, too....when you come back from the reef, just sign up for the next day....

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    Fantastic! Thank you all. Wally, great video!

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