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    Default Just Couldn't Do It!

    We had great intentions! After 5 wonderful trips to Negril, we decided it would be fun to explore the other side of the island. Why?? I really don't know. The result: a booking at CSS for March, 2013. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

    What were we thinking? We LOVE THAT 7 MILE BEACH!!! Everything about it....the beach vendors, long walks on white sand, the amazing sunsets....We've heard of sand gravity - but this is Negril gravity, and we shouldn't have messed with it!

    I cannot imagine exiting the Montego Bay Airport and turning left. Nope. Not this time.

    With 78 days on the countdown clock, we called Couples and changed the reservation to our much-loved CSA. Thanks so much to Sherene at the reservations desk for making this possible. While it cost us a $300 resort credit, I cannot explain how relieved and excited we are!

    I am sure that CSS is a fantastic property and one that should be experienced at least once, but we just couldn't do it this time.

    CSA - We've missed you and cannot wait to return!!
    Jan and Mark
    CN 2009
    CSA 2011, 2013
    CSS 2014

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    We are exploring the other side and will stick with that plan. We have only been to CSA and CN. But we are going to CSS in March 2013. If that goes well, we will try CTI later on. Then we can say we've been to all 4. And then maybe the new Barbados location in the future!!! We figured with it being the Couples chain, we couldn't go wrong on any location.

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    LOL Jan! I truly wanted to try one of the other properties - first was CSS and maybe CTI....THEN said well what about CN? Suffice it to say, we are getting ready to book our 4th trip "home" to CSA for May.

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    We were forced to CTI the last time we were booked for CSA because of a terrible tropical storm that flooded CSA. We had a great time at CTI, but the confined feeling just wasn't as relaxing. When you are at CSA, the beach is endless which is very tranquil. To look out at just beautiful blue sea is so calming and just perfect for a romantic tropical vacation. I totally understand why you want to go with what you love. Good for you! Enjoy your return to CSA. We go back to this October. Yay!

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    If that beach is IMPORTANT to you, then you'll be glad you changed your reservation. We did the SR once to save some money on a last minute trip, & got CSS after always going to Negril .... It was gorgeous but I missed the beach at CN SO BAD ..... plus, it rained everyday at CSS & we were hearing that it was all sunshine in Negril .... Now we don't mess with perfection & just book CN .... BTW: We've also been to CSA but love CN more so you might try CN if you want a change but a GREAT beach.

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    We're doing it! Been to the Negril side (CN & CSA) and always wanted to try the Ocho Rios side... so we booked a trip to CSS for this coming May. After reading some negative reviews on TA about CSS, we we're certainly thinking about switching back to the Negril side... but we're sticking to our guns and plan to visit CSS and do the day trip to CTI. Why, I don't know... just to say we've been to all the Couples resorts I think. Now I hear they just bought a resort in Barbados... so I'll still be 1 short.

    Reviews on CSS have been much better the last few days... so we're sticking with it. If they start getting bad again, we may break down too and switch back... crossing my fingers reviews stay good.

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    this was probably nightmare material, yes?

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    That's funny! I don't think that side of the island would be a fit for us either! We are at CN and will be at CSA Wednesday for trading places. Plan on walking the beach all afternoon.

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    I'm glad you followed your heart. That being said, we took the plunge and tried CSS after 4 amazing trips to Negril (3-CN, 1-CSA). The result...another home for us. You're totally right on the is totally completely different than the Negril beaches. We didn't float for hours, like we do in Negril. But CSS has its own magic. The balcony of the Angela Basset suite provided me with one of the most romantic and special evenings ever with my hubby. And the day it rained, he said "No rain, no rainbows" and took me to the jewlery store for a splurge on some bling bling (first time ever he did something like that.) Sunset Beach gave us new friends, so many laughs, a new bocci ball experience, and the best bartender we've ever met at Couples, Veronique.

    So we will definitely be back. CN in 2013, CSS in 2014, CN in 2015, CSS in 2016, etc. Each is special in its own way. I'm so glad we turned left to try CSS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nowa View Post
    That's funny! I don't think that side of the island would be a fit for us either! We are at CN and will be at CSA Wednesday for trading places. Plan on walking the beach all afternoon.
    Good luck with the beach vultures once you get off the property at CSA. We did the trading places from CN to CSA last year and tried walking the beach. The venders were extemely aggressive and one was downright rude and insulting, and no, we were not rude or disrespectful to him. And a firm "no thank you" was not en0ugh. Even on the CSA beach the musicians were all over, creeping up further into the resort than they are supposed to.

    CN beach was much better with regard to aggressive vendors and musicians.

    CSS, peaceful bliss and tropical paradise to us!
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    I think you made the right choice.Reading the list of things you love about CSA I don't think you would have been totally happy with CSS. Maybe you should consider a split trip sometime in the future, thats how I"ve been able to enjoy CTI and CSS without wishing I was at CSA.3 or 4 nights enjoying what CTI or CSS have to offer and then off my version of paradise .. CSA! Can't imagine ever being able to go to Jamaica and just making that left turn at the airport.

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    You will love the Friday Gala. It is outstanding.

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    We are torn between trying out the other side and sticking with what we know we love at CSA. I think what we will have to do is a split stay ending in Negril. I just can imagine going to Jamaica and not staying on that beach!

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    I understand! We have the opposite problem. We considered trying the Negril side this time but just couldn't do it! We like our private beaches too much! Maybe next time though. Until then, we're heading back to CTI again.

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    I totally understand! We have only ever booked CSA and Secret Rendezvous. We have been fortunate enough to try all three of the other resorts through our SR bookings, and while they were definitely up to Couples' standards, they were just lacking that something special that CSA has for us. We will likely not be able to book another trip for a year or so, at which time Couples Barbados should be pretty well broken in, so our current plan is to strongly consider trying another island. BUT, knowing our history, I'd say we are about 90% likely to go back to what we know and love. Nothing wrong with knowing exactly what you are going to get before you get there!

    Mark & April
    CSA - 06/03 (Honeymoon), 07/08, 10/09, 10/11, 5/14
    Secret Rendezvous - 11/05 (CN), 06/07 (CSS), 12/12 (CTI)

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    We decided to give CTI a try for our third trip (2 previous to CSA) and while it was lovely, we have no intentions of ever going back there. CSA is the resort for us! The staff and food at CTI were equally wonderful, but the beach did not compare and the property (while renovated) was old and musty smelling in some places. We did venture to the AN island on our last day so we can say we did it! We also visited CSS while we were there and again, it was lovely, but not for us. I am curious about trying the new Barbados one at some point, though.

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    Good for you. We are lovers of CSS, although we have not been to any of the other Couples resorts, but I totally understand your point. You have found your paradise and are sticking with it. We feel the same about our paradise. It's CSS or nothing. I know it would be awful if you went somewhere else and spent your time wishing you were at CSA. We did that last February on a cruise. Spent a lot of time sitting on the balcony of our cabin wishing we were at CSS. Stick with what you know and love. You can never go wrong.

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    If you can afford it, I would recommend doing a split stay sometime. That way you get your "fix" for what has become "home" and then get to try something new for a few days. We did a split between CSA and CSS our first trip. After being at CSA for a week, it took us almost three days to settle into CSS. We were really missing Negril and somewhat depressed. About the third day were feeling a lot better and by the time we left were SO GLAD we did both. If you only book one resort, You have to keep an open mind and give it a chance because no matter which resort you try's not going to be the same. Don't go into it second guessing yourself and wondering if you should have booked the resort where you normally go. You'll most likely (but not always} be setting yourself up for disappointment because you'll be comparing everything between the two. Treat it like a brand new experience.

    We liked the order we did it too with CSA being a little more active and faster pace and then taking a few days relaxing at CSS before heading home. Just something to consider.

    CSA Aug. 2011, July 2012, July 2013, July 2014, Oct. 2015
    CSS Aug. 2011, Aug. 2014

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