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    Default CSS versus CTI- First timer questions!

    My husband (27) and I (26) are planning our 4th trip to Jamaica and are considering trying out Couples this time. Just a few questions (for now!)...

    In regards to each resort..

    1. Are the AN areas social? Are there any games played? (we have inflatable beer pong, would that fly?

    2. Are the AN areas busy? Which area seems to have the majority of people, clothed or AN?

    3. I see that topless only is allowed on the main beaches (except for CTI, and its only allowed on the pier, right?), how common is it?

    4. How is the nightlife? Do the resosts shut down at 10pm?

    5. I saw reference to being charged for red stripe in the room mini bars, is that true?

    Thanks everyone!!

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    #1-At SSB you can be as social as you choose. The pool has most of the activity. Your beer pong wouldn't be an issue if it didn't interfere with others enjoying the pool.

    #2-Depends on the crowd that's at the resort when you are there. I have been to CSS when SSB is crowded and the main beach was empty. But I've also seen the reverse.

    #3-At SSB you must be totally nude, not just topless. I don't think there are very many who go topless on the main beach at CSS.

    #4-There is entertainment nightly. After the Beach Party and Starlight Gala there are after parties (clothed) on SSB around the pool that go to the wee hours.

    #5-Just got home on Friday from CSS and was not charged for Red Stripe in the minibar!

    Hope this helps!

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    1. At both CTI and CSS there are the social people and the ones who want to keep to themselves. It is what you want it to be. I think beer pong would be fine if like the previous poster said it didn't interfere with others.

    2. I have to agree it depends on the crowd - but we always go in April, and both the island at CTI and SSB at CSS Stayed busy most of the time in our trips.

    3. I have not seen many at either CTI on the pier or at CSS topless, but again - it's what you're comfortable with. If it's ok in the rules, go for it.

    4. No shutting down at 10pm! There is a social schedule on the web site here for each resort. Entertainment usually starts about 8:30 and goes well into the night.

    5. This was temporarily true at CSS (some type of experiment) but it has been reversed and at any resort now, red stripe is free in the minibar.
    Susan & Chris
    CTI 2003, 2004
    CSS 2008, 2013!

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    Thank you for your reply!

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    I'm surprised more people haven't answered from the CTI side!

    1- The island can be either very quiet or very social- it depends on when you go and how many islanders there are at that time. It can change drastically from day to day. The pool/bar can be very busy/social though.

    2- Definitely more people on the clothed side-- just much more room there. The pool with swim up bar is always the most social/busy in the afternoon. But, again, the island can be very busy as well.

    3- People rarely hang out on the pier at CTI- it's nice but there are forty other places that are nicer to hang out. But you are allowed to be topless at the end of the pier.

    4- Nightlife is what you make it-- like CSS, nightly entertainment and some events run later than others.

    5- Went right before the Red Stripe in the minibar change was made, so didn't even have the option!

    You'll love either, and find exactly what you need at either resort. You can always visit the other for a day to see what you're missing!

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    Can only speak to CTI and CSS, but here are some answers..

    1) Social areas are around the pool, but the amount of people depends on the crowd. As long as you're not over the top rude and obnoxious, beer pong sounds like fun. Putting it in the pool may be an issue if too much beer is spilled in the pool.
    2) The AN areas can either be empty or crowded, depending on if a group is visiting, or just depending on the crowd. We typically travel midweek and have found that Saturday and Sunday are the least busy as people are coming and going, and that Wed/Thur/Fri are the most busy as more and more people try the experience. In general, I'd say about 10% of the hotel goes to the AN area. However, there are so many places for textilers to spend their time that it may look more crowded in the AN areas.
    3) Only seen topless a few times on the pier at CTI and never seen it on the beach at CSS
    4) Nightlife again depends on the crowd. After waking up at 7am, drinking and lying in the sun all day, and being in a very romantic atmosphere, its difficult to be out past 11pm. I'd say 20% of the resort will be up past 11pm.
    5) We were not charged for Red Stripe in our minibar. But we preordered it so it was in the room when we arrived and didn't reorder during out stay.

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    We stayed at CTI but spent the day at CSS - so this is based on that.

    1. We found the larger pool at CSS to be a very sociable area if you wanted to mix with other people but equally the beach was large enough where you could sit privately. CTI didn't seem to have a general area people socialised, when we were there we didn't see the smaller pool area used once, however I'm sure it is dependent on who is staying at the time but I think CSS is set-up better to encourage more socialisation if that is what you are looking for. We didn't see games/activities happen at either but did see the games equipment out on the beach at CSS.

    2.When we were there it was a busy time for both hotels and both areas at both were busy

    3. I didn't see anyone topless at CSS on the main beach, I did see a couple of women topless on the beach at CTI but it wasn't that often or common to see and they tended to sit turned away from the main beach view, or at the back or at the far end near bayside and didn't go in the sea or to the bar topless.

    4. At CTI the piano bar seemed to come alive post 10pm and there was good entertainment prior to this including bands, dancing etc

    5. I understand not from other posts.

    Hope that helps!

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    Thanks everyone for your replies! It seems as though CSS will be great for us, heading there in June!

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    Just got back from CTI. Spent two days at CSS, one for Trading Places and one because it was a Red Flag day at CTI and they let us do a second day of Trading Places (of course, in the end the Island was open at CTI and so we could ahve stayed, but oh well....)

    1) Of the three days on the island only the last saw a bunch of socializing. No games or anything, just a lot of standing around talking. Unfortunately also a lot of smoking including one person sitting at the bar smoking a cigar. I hate smoking. Of the two days at SSB one saw everyone spread out over the beach and the other featured pool volleyball and more socializing. So I guess it really depended on the crowd.

    2) Depended on the day. One day at the island had maybe six couples while another almost every lounger was taken. At SSB most of the loungers on the beach were taken both days while one day the pool was empty and the other the pool was quite popular. Both days the main beach at CSS was almost empty.

    3) Saw a couple of ladies topless (and one nude man) on the pier and several topless on the main beach near Bayside. Saw no ladies topless on the main beach at CSS.

    4) We did the hot tub in the spa several nights but only met one other couple. The actual Buddah Pool was freezing the one time I tried it. Each time one hot tub was fine and the other scalding. Which was which changed back and forth.

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