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    Default Silly CSS question - restrooms in "common areas" ...

    Hi folks,
    This sounds really silly to ask but where are the restrooms in the common areas? Beach / restaurants etc, just curious...

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    Good question! I'm interested too!

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    There are several nearby the swimming areas. For the main beach there are two. One at the waterspouts and on at the Pallazina (which I prefer) I know there is a small one at the AN beach and also the mineral Pool has one in the spa area. Hope this helps

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    Yes, thankfully there are!

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    Here are a few options, there may be others we don't know about. By the main pool behind the water sports building, behind the Palazzina on the right side by the conference room, at SSB to the left of the grill, in the Balloon Bar and in the game room. Maybe one by the spa or tennis courts?

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    Good to know, thank you ... did you find them generally clean?

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    yes there are, even ssb has it's own bathroom but that is why we like 'A' or 'B' block which both are convenient to the beach. We like to go to our room for the restrooms

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    Yes, we always found them to be clean!

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