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    Default seaweed phobia!

    I have a major seaweed phobia!! If it is within 5 feet of me, I have to get out of the water With that said, my fiance and I are looking to stay at Couples in August 2013. We stayed at CSA before and the beach was perfect but we would like to stay at another resort this time. We would like to try CTI but I have seen pics that have a lot of seaweed on the beach.

    Is there seaweed on the beach often or maybe it was the time of year or after a storm? How about CN?


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    We've been to CTI in Aug and twice in OCT. Never saw seaweed, although after downpours or strong winds, there were other things in the water.

    This past Sept we were at CSS and had seaweed for the first two days and then it cleared out.

    I'm guessing its more the wind orientation or of there is a storm nearby...

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    Seaweed ir raked every morning, and sometimes during the day. As it comes out of the water, there is some on the bottom of the water, but you'd need to avoid stepping in it anyway, unless you like urchins.

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    Just got back on Wednesday and didn't see any seaweed really. There is seagrass on the ocean floor about 20 feet out, but just stay on your floatie and all will be fine. It's a great resort, and we had a great time, but if you're looking for a pristine beach, go back to CSA.

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    CN tends to be relatively free of seaweed, but there have been times when stormy waters bring it in.

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    CTI has sea weed all the time. We did not encounter sea weed at CN. CN beach is much like CSA but a bit smaller.

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    You will probably not like CTI or CSS. I don't have a phobia but am not fond of seaweed or sea grass. Went to CTI for the first time in September and while we had a lovely time, there was only a small part of the swimming area that didn't have sea grass at the bottom. I hate stepping on that! There was also much more sea weed in the water and it was more rough. We visited CSS and the water was similar there. We are returning to CSA for the third time in April. That's the beach for me! The beach at CN might be comparable since it's on the same coastline, but we haven't been there. Why go to CN when you have CSA!? :-)

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    I don't think you will have a problem at CTI. There is no seaweed in the water. Clear sandy bottom. On the beach is a different story. Sometimes, especially after a big storm, some seaweed does wash up onto the beach. But the best beachcomber in the world, Delroy, is out around 6 in the morning raking the entire beach, and removing all signs of seaweed, sticks, logs, coconuts and anything that may have come ashore. And if there is a storm, then the whole beach crew is out there raking and removing all debris.

    I know that phobias can be overwhelming. Even though some would say that that's silly to fear something like seaweed, it obviously is not for you. Have you ever sought any counseling for your fears? Lots of people have phobias, but they can be treated. Just a thought.

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    Not sure about CTI but we have been to CSS three times and there is always a bit of seaweed and some rocks in the water. I think the northern beaches have reefs very close to shore that stop currents from dislodging the seaweed allowing it to grow.

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    The seaweed is raked every morning. I dont remember it being an issue and I too hate seaweed Been there twice and going back for a 3rd time in October.

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    At CN, seaweed is pretty rare, except after a storm. The water in the bay is usually pretty, if any comes in over night, the staff is out there raking and picking it all up....

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    No seaweed at CN????

    Actually, we’ve been to CN 5 times and never seen any seaweed except the one time. These pictures were taken on January 12, 2010. They take the condition of the beach very seriously and get it cleaned up in no time. Even with the high winds constantly blowing in more seaweed, they were out there every day trying to stay ahead of it. When the winds finally calmed down, they had to dig holes in the beach with heavy equipment to bury the seaweed in. There were actually drifts in the sand that resembled snow drifts!
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