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    We will be going to CSS in April and I am trying to find out more info on the resort photography. From what I read on older threads - the photo session is free, you just have to pay for the pics you want. Is this still the case? If so, do you pay per photo or are there packages available? Can the pics be put on a cd or prints only?

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    We were at CSS a couple weeks ago and did 2 photo sessions with the resort photographer (both were indeed free). Just go to the photo desk or stop a resort photographer when you see them to schedule a time. We ended up with almost 200 pictures to weed through. You can purchase individual photos or a package deal, which is a better deal. We bought 15 pictures and had them put on a CD. It cost us $135 and was a "deal-of-the-day" special. You can purchase your photos on a CD or as 5x7 prints or both. They have several different types of packages to choose from and various "deals" throughout the week. We were very happy with the photos the photographer took, but we have had trouble getting them printed to look as great as they look on the computer screen. We've taken them to multiple retailers in the area and can't get them quite right. If there is a photo or two you just love, I would recommend having the resort printing them for you. It is really nice, though, to have them on the CD to do what we want with. I would highly recommend doing this. We are very glad we did!

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    Typically photos saved to a disk to be viewed on a computer will be saved at 72 dpi (dots per square inch) as that is the best resolution one gets on a computer monitor/screen. For printing onto paper it's recommended that it is saved at 300dpi.
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    I'm not sure if the dpi is the problem or not. It is the coloring on about 1/2 of them. They have a yellowish tint, the sky colors aren't as vibrant, and the sand looked almost orange. It was at dusk, and they may have used a filter....not sure if these are the reasons or not. The ones we had taken more in the daylight turned out very nice.

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    We just returned a few weeks ago with our own disc of photos... The photos on the disc are the correct resolution, but if they aren't looking quite right is very likely because the images on the disk are not calibrated to the printers being used by the retail printers. For example I had a few printed at a one-hour drug store shop and they had a red-tint which makes them look "off". They printed dark as well.

    You might try finding a camera store in your area who does printing and ask if they can assist you with some color correction.

    I'm a photographer and frequently sell print rights/images on disks and this is something I always warn our clients of - the images are finalized and created on my computer, which is regularly calibrated to the print company that I use - but there's nothing I can do to get that match from any other printer. Retail shops/one-hour spots very rarely calibrate their printers, so in addition to the files/printers not being perfectly matched, they are likely to always look a bit blue/red/yellow also. I typically refer people to which a print company that offers color correction.

    Hope that helps!!!

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