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    Default CTI---how's the snorkeling?

    Hi all!
    So excited to be travelling to CTI in just 9 short days! (Jan9-16)

    A few quick questions about snorkeling....
    What is the snorkeling like? Is it just good to go on the snorkeling tours including, or is there any good shore-snorkeling. We will be bringing our own masks/snorkels but can you get flippers etc from the watersports for snorkeling on your own or just on the tours?

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can answer!

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    Since nobody answered yet I will try. I don't snorkel but here goes anyway, I think the snorkling around the resort and island (AN) is good. I haven't heard anybody say it was fantastic but it was pretty good. Hope that helps. They only pass out the equipment on the snorkeling trips so bringing your own is a good idea. I know the flippers take up a lot of room in your suitcase but maybe you can do without. That seems to be what others have done in the past. Have a great time!

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