We've just recently returned from CTI and had an amazing time there - food was faultless and the staff were amazing. The only thing that leaves a slight niggle with me against returning is the lack of late afternoon/early evening sun.

I was surprised not to have picked up on the message board about it (and maybe I missed it) but due to the direction the beach faces, the width of the beach and the proximity of the building the sun is lost so early in the afternoon. It disappears from the swim up bar pool and a big percentage of the beach not long after 4pm (maybe earlier) leaving a small area by the jacuzzi and small section of the beach everyone crams in to and by 5pm it is totally gone from the main resort and is only left on the island which shuts at 5pm.

I realise that there is nothing that Couples can do about this (other than extend the island hours) but I firstly wanted to advise others who love sitting in the evening sun with a cocktail not to expect to be able to do this very late at CTI and also find out before booking our next trip if this is just an issue in the winter with the sun being lower and find out how late you get the sun in the Summer months as we would love to return to CTI so maybe we just need to pick a different time of year? Also is this an issue at all at CN/CSA/CSS?

Thanks for any advice you can give!