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    Default Randymon how about a little help

    We would like to bring some school supplies with us but with all the stuff one of us brings (I'm not saying who) and baggage restrictions, there is not enough room. Would Couples be willing to put a box at check in where cash donations could be left? It would be totally voluntary, no pressure, just a small sign stating what it is to be used for. Thanks for at least giving this some consideration.


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    Hi - You are given the option of donating to the Issa Trust Foundation upon checkout at any of our resorts. It is actually a $5.00 opt out option.

    You can always donate more... :-)

    Couples Resorts

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    Thinking it through, although giving a money donation might be slightly less fun for us than the donation of items, it has the great advantages of actually ensuring the schools get exactly what they want, letting the money flow through the local economy and also taking away the slight Lady Bountiful feeling when you turn up with goodies. After all, it's not about us is it?

    Such a good idea - will do this direct donation approach from now on.

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    Love this idea! Will be sure to check this check out box when we are there in May!

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    Randymon, for the donation upon checkout, any way you can add this to the check-in form? Instead on finding out about the donation at check-out. Maybe have a questions on the form, "Would you like to donate to the Issa Trust Foundation?" Then list $5, $10, $25, $50, $100 amounts for people to circle or check.

    Just an idea.

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