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    Default Is The Repeaters Dinner at CTI Really On Monday??

    Because if it is, then we're going to miss the Repeaters Dinner on our very first visit to CTI as our flight gets in at about 6:20 p.m. on a Monday night! We have been to Repeater Dinners at all the other Couples but this will be our first time going to CTI, and we sure will hate having to miss such a special Stephan Spath dinner! Soooo, I guess we're just going to have to miss it, or pay to change our flight so we can get in earlier and make it. What a dilema!

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    Yes, it is Monday night.

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    Hi Randiandjean,

    These dinners must be a real treat if you're thinking of changing your flight to attend it. Sorry to hear you may miss it. This would be our first repeaters dinner and are looking forward to it and Eight Rivers' cuisine.

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    Yes the dinner is on Monday nights.

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    Yes, the repeaters dinner is really on Monday. We were there for it last week and the food was amazing!!! I would see how much it would cost to change your flight

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    Yes, it is on Monday. You may get to the resort in time for the meal. It depends on how quickly you get through the airport. The Beach Party will also be going on when you arrive, so there will be food somewhere to eat. Also, Room Service is now available. You might be able to contact the resort and let them know that if you arrive on time, you will be attending the Repeaters' Dinner.

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    Yes, the repeat dinner is on Monday. You should just stay longer so you can go the next Monday.

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