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    Default CSA/ Negril April 2014

    I've been looking to book our 3rd trip to either Negril or CSA around April 2014. It says all dates are booked, I tried all the way out until June 2014- everything is blocked out. Do they not book that far in advance? Whats going on. Im ready to plan another trip!!

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    According to a good friend of mine who is a travel agent they will start publishing the dates for 2014 like 11 months in advance. I was looking for January 2014 dates. She tells me that they will be available starting February 2013 for January 2014. Does that make sense? Keep trying! Plus by that time they may have new deals and promotions going on!

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    Also, I got an email from couples about their dates. They said that if you call the 800 number to book they would honor the 2013 rates and if their are any promotions for 2014 they will honor those as well. Not bad! So may want to give them a call and see.

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