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    Default cti,css veteran experience needed

    Deb and I visited CTI last year for the most relaxing vacation we've ever had. We don't want to wait another 25 years , so here we are getting ready to book another trip. We gained so much info last year on the mb that I thought we might get more insight from you veterans that have the same likes. We loved CTI and enjoyed everything it had to offer. This year we are looking at splitting our time at css and cti. Which would you do first? And why? We are thinking 3 days at css and 4 days at cti for the simple fact we loved the island so much. Your insight on your past experiences would be greatly appreciated. Also is there an optimum time to book when we are still 10 months out?. I have a feeling that there are variables.
    Thank you,
    we are looking forward to our sophomore year!!

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    Well, I'm glad to hear that you are not going to wait another 25 years for your next visit.

    We have been to CSS only once, and to CTI 34 times. Can you guess which one our hearts belong too? Considering your split time, it's really six of one and half a dozen of the other. CSS has a great beach at SSB. You can walk out quite a way with your floatie in nice calm water. Just make sure you keep the shoreline in sight, otherwise you may wind up half way to Ocho Rios. My wife did just that. Unintentionally of course. She was just relaxing, floating areound, and before she knew it, she was a long way from the beach. And naked of course. She managed to paddle her way over to shore, and a very nice person helped her get back to SSB. It made for a great story.

    You won't loose much time transfering from one resort to the other. They are only about
    fifteen minutes apart. I think you'll find CSS is very beautiful and you will enjoy walking around to see everything. Going to SSB, you can walk there anytime you like. You don't have to wait for the boat as you do at CTI.

    Time to book? Almost anytime is okay. If they should have a special price after you book, you can always cancel one booking and rebook. No problems mon.
    Which one to go to first? Again, it's a toss up.

    By the way, what month are you looking at to book? Just curious.

    If there's anything else that you need to know, don't hesitate to ask.


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    We spent 9 days at CSS in Jan. of 2012. Loved the size of the resort, lots of area to explore and with only 150 rooms there never was a crowd anywhere. Loved the lush tropical look of the place. SSB is a very nice beach and a great pool/bar, its separated from the main beach by a thick woods, very private, loved it. Also you don't have to wait for a boat, or have the boat cancelled if it is too windy. You can go over to SSB at night also, if you choose. We talked about going to another resort this year but Brenda said CSS was perfect, so why bother going anywhere else. We are booked for April 27 thru May 6 2013. Hope to get back to A building third floor. Wonderful view and close to everything. I don't know if there is a bad time to go, we prefer the winter. It makes a nice break for us. Hope this helps.

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    Quick question about the SSB @ CSS. How do you access it? Where exactly is the entrance?

    Is it open after a certain time for those who don't want to go Au Natural?

    We have been to CSA and CN in the past. So excited to go to CSS. I think it will be perfect for us.

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    Behind building A is service road that goes around the nature pond and tennis courts. If you follow the road to the west about a block, it curves left. The entrance is on your right, it's well marked. At 5 or 6 pm, depending on the time of year, the beach is open to all, to view the sunsets. You will enjoy CSS, there are so many paths and hidden areas to sit and relax with a book, or just be alone together. Some of the paths look like you are in a jungle. I can't wait to get back. Good luck on your trip to CSS, you can't go wrong with this choice.

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    Hi, If you are in A or B buildings, follow the service road west around the nature pond. It's about a block, the service road curves left and the entrance to SSB is on the right. It is well marked. At 5 or 6 pm, depending on the time of year, it is open for everyone to come and view the wonderful sunsets. You will enjoy CSS.

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    Thanks Jerry!

    This will be our first trip to CSS. We have been to CN and CSA. We are booked for beachfront suites so will be in building A or B. I wanted to at least visit the SSB once but hubby isn't into AN.

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    To get to SSB you follow the path that goes by Block A and beside the pond the entrance to SSB will be on your right. During the winter months, SSB opens to all at 5pm, and at 6pm in the summer.

    Have a great trip!

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    If you are doing a split, I would suggest, since you know you love CTI, do CSS first, that way, if it isn't what you want, ask for an earlier transfer if they have rooms available. If you decide you love CSS and wish to stay, you can do the same thing. And if you do the split you at least will know you will end up at one that you really love.

    We have only stayed at CSS, but did the day trip to CTI. We did not like the island compared to SSB, and did not like the general "hotel" feel of CTI compared to CSS. The people we encountered and the food we ate was all comparable, it was just how we felt about CTI.

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    Do like we did, went early and stayed to the right. Went near the ocean along the trees and set up camp. We were mostly by ourselves. If you go to google earth, you can view satelite photos of Sans Souci and SSB. It will give you a good idea of how its laid out. Good luck, you will love it.

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    To our mb friend's,
    Thank you so much for your input. After reading your remarks we are going to do our 3 day / 4 day split beginning with css. You make good sense when you say if we like 1 more than the other to ask if we can do a transfer. But I have a feeling we are going to love both the same. Sounds like a win/ win situation. We may actually be more excited going this year than last for the simple fact we know what to expect from cti and get to try something new,css. We will be booking in the next month or so and will take your advice on watching for the specials.
    Richie, I always enjoy reading what you have to write and I might say I'm a little envious of your time at cti. I'm sure you've helped a lot of people in their decision making of their trips. We are planning on our trip, last week of September/ first week of October. When we lock in we will post it on the meet ups.
    We can't wait to spend another week of vacation in paradise!!
    Ken and Deb

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    You will love CSS. It's different than CTI because it's much more spread out and many places to explore. There are all kinds of hidden jems among the paths where you could almost sit all day and never see anyone. No matter how busy the resort is, it never feels crowded. You will find the same great service and food at both places, and the thing I like the most is the beaches are private, although they are not huge at both resorts, so you don't get any cross traffic from other resorts or vendors approaching you all day. We will also be there at the same time, and will definitely do a trading day at CTI. Gotta check out the island.

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    More questions for CTI veterans. Are there more yoga/fitness classes offered than what appear on the activities schedule? What is the frequency/time of the snorkeling & catamaran excursions? And should I pack our own beach towels for Dunn's River/other excursions, or are we allowed to take the resort-supplied beach towels with us?

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    Quote Originally Posted by caribbeangetaway View Post
    More questions for CTI veterans. Are there more yoga/fitness classes offered than what appear on the activities schedule? What is the frequency/time of the snorkeling & catamaran excursions? And should I pack our own beach towels for Dunn's River/other excursions, or are we allowed to take the resort-supplied beach towels with us?
    1) Yoga and fitness classes depend on the week and what guest instructor their might or might not be.

    2) Snorkeling is twice a day (11am and 3pm or there abouts, might be 3:30pm) if the wind is not too bad. It only went one day while we were there. Catamaran is something like five days a week. If the wind is too bad it leaves from elsewhere and you have to take a van to get there. It left from the CTI dock only twice while we were there. If you take the van that adds two hours on the front and you probably get back later too.

    3) You can take resort towels and leave them on the bus. No problem.

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