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    Default Deals throughout the year!?!?!?!?

    I know the early escape deal for 2013 is about ready to expire tomorrow. Besides the Secret Rendezvous and Wed specials (which are too short of a notice for us), does Couples have any other offers during the year for a current year booking (2013)?

    We are going to CSS in March. I booked that around Christmas so got the early escape deal. I'm thinking about booking another trip for November. We have been to CN and CSA in the past so know the Negril side.... this will be our first visit to CSS and the Ocho side. I want to wait to book our November trip until we get back in late March. In case the Ocho side doesn't work as well for us, we can go back to the Negril side. But if it does, I'd like to go to CTI to hit all 4 resorts.


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    Maybe call couples and find out!

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    They normally have a special that shows up in February. Cheaper price and resort credits are in that one.

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    I just saw the new deals come out but you have to book by March 15th or 20th. Ugh... we don't get back until the 23rd. I really want to wait to book until we get back. Hopefully there will be another "special" after that cut off.

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