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    Default Great House Jacuzzi Suite Questions and Picture Request

    Just booked CSA for 27Apr - 4May. We stayed at CSS last year and loved the Ocean view so this year the ocean view was a MUST. The only rooms available besides Garden Verandah Rooms were rooms in the Great House. We went with the Great House Jacuzzi Suite. We understand that some dont like the "hotel" feel of the room with the hallways however this does not bother us but we are curious about the noise. Few questions for anyone that stayed there:

    1. Is the noise really that bad during the day from the pool bar if we are sitting on the balcony?
    2. How are the views of the ocean?
    3. How far from the beach is it? I am sure the walk is shorter that we had at CSS. We stayed in G Block and we didn't mind the walk.

    Also, any pics?

    Thank you for the help

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    We stayed in a GHJS in 2011 at CSA (usually we stay in a BFVS).

    1) Yes, we found the noise from the swim-up bar to be very loud during the day, some days worse than others. Between the music and progressively drunken patrons, it was not enjoyable to sit on our balcony during the day.

    2) The ocean view is terrific. Picture below.

    3) It is much closer to the beach than the G block at CSS. You do have to manuever through the Great House to get out, though, which makes it seem a little bit farther.

    We really did enjoy the GHJS - it's bigger than the BFVS rooms, and I certainly got a lot of use out of the jacuzzi.

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    The view is great.

    The jacuzzi is not really big enough for 2. But love the double vanity.

    There is alot of noise from the pool bar guests by 3pm or so. Who Hoo. Music can be loud, I think depending on who is working the bar.

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    If you want to be in the middle of a lot of the action and enjoy more of a hotel feel (and don't mind the noise of guests at the pool bar and/or in the pool or Cabana Grill late at night), this may be a great place for you. Some people really enjoy being in the midst of this activity, and to each their own....We prefer a quiet vibe, so would never choose this category for that reason.

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    The swim up bar closes mid afternoon which I hate but at least the noise stops after that. But I imagine the restaurant makes even more noise at night. Maybe it's not as bad since you're on top of it instead of next to it. If you're worried about daytime noise I wouldn't because you really shouldn't be in your room during the day when you're there.

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