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    Default Rates for December 26, 2013 and beyond?

    When will rates be posted for this time next year? Today is our 9th anniversary and for number 10 we are coming home again (we visited CN in 2006, 2 kids ago!!). When can I expect the rates to be published (and ideally when is the best deal on said rates)? Thanks!

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    There is not a set date when we will announce rates and promotional discounts/value added benefits starting December 26, 2013 and beyond. We anticipate, however, doing so before the end of February, 2013.

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    Does this mean we have to wait until Feb. to book for those dates?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ggo85 View Post
    Does this mean we have to wait until Feb. to book for those dates?
    That's usually when the Fall In Love Again promotion begins.
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    I was able to book my stay for March 2013, before the 2013 rates were posted, they just booked them under the 2012 rate. I have seen in another post, someone asking about booking 2014, and the reply was that they would be booked under the current 2013 rate. I myself am already anxious to book our 1 year anniversary trip (and second trip to couples) and we still have 64 days before we even arrive for our first trip!!

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