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    Default Shops outside of CSA?

    Can someone tell me what kind of shops are
    along the beach outside of CSA? Trying to decide how much can I should take.

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    Down the way from CSA you will find local shops with many 'souvenir' type stuff...i.e. sarongs/beach cover ups and bathing suits including in the jamaican or rasta colours, clothing, sandals, wooden vases, picture frames/albums made from banana leaves, wood carvings, hot sauces, jerk sauces, little restaurants selling local food (jerk chicken/pork and seafood), also margaritaville is a walkable distance from CSA. Many of the above mentioned items are also available in the gift shops at the resort where you use your already-on-file credit card, but you will find the prices to be more than at the local shops.
    There is a shop beside a restaurant (the restaurant has steps that are crumbling into the ocean) , its on the side of the restaurant closest to CSA, where the shop owner has a policy against bartering. His prices are very fair and it is a much nicer experience shopping in his shop as the pressure is really off. We made most of our purchases from him!
    By way of prices, we paid about $10 US for a rasta sarong, $15 for a wooden vase, $8 each for photo frame and picture album made of banana leaves, $2-6 for sauces, $20 for leather sandals and many of the wood carvings we enquired about were anywhere from $15-60.
    Hope this helps. Enjoy your trip! 9 days until we are on our second Couples trip (CTI this time)

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    Palmtree42 - Thanks for the most helpful info. Any idea how far the resturant with the steps crumbling is from the end of the resort? I'm assuming this is going to the left from the front entrance of the resort.

    We finally went to CTI two years ago - 1st week at CN and 2nd week at CTI. After one afternoon we wanted to come back. Due to wanting to be there for their anniversary party we stayed two nights and came back to CN the next day. We did have to pay for our own transport back but it was well worth it. Just keep that in mind.

    Maybe we'll run into you on your travel day.

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    Anything you could ever need.

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    Lots of shops off property on the beach... right next door (by the Great House complex) is a little shop... and if you keep walking in that direction you'll come across other shops and vendors. Not sure if the shop on the other side of the "B" resort is still open... it was open last year after a hiatus of a couple of years due to delays in the "B" expansion.

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    gift shops mostly with beach stuff

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    Check out to see what shops there are.

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    What about locals that give massages on the beach? Are there any in walking distance?

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    Vicki...realized I was a little unclear where I meant all these shops are...they are a short walk DOWN THE BEACH
    Which to me, is much nicer than leaving the resort the other way. You just let the security on the beach know you are going shopping for a bit and they watch out for you to come back
    It is just down the beach (towards Margaritaville etc, not towards the Beaches resort next door i.e if you are staring out at the beautiful ocean you go left down the beach) and the shop next to the restarant with crumbling steps was maybe about 4-5 shops down the way, if my memory is right.
    Hope this helps! 6 days!

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    Palmtree42 - Good to know the shop near the crumbling steps isn't very far. Love that no pressure. We'll diffinately check it out on our day trip to CSA. We also arrive on Wednesday, 1/9. - Any idea what time you're to land in Montego Bay. We land at 3:05. Will you be flying into Atlanta?

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    Dilmo1, yes they wander the beach and offer massage, braids, aloe vera. You can get ANYTHING.

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    On our first trip to Negril we stayed on Bloody Bay and took a taxi to a craft market on Long Bay. Is it possible to walk to that market from CSA?

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    Quote Originally Posted by photochick View Post
    On our first trip to Negril we stayed on Bloody Bay and took a taxi to a craft market on Long Bay. Is it possible to walk to that market from CSA?
    Yes, it's about 4 miles down the beach from CSA! At the very south end of long bay.
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    Vicki---we land at 2:13, we're on a direct flight from Winnipeg, Manitoba (aaaaah direct flights, another of the many reasons we're heading back to Jamaica two years in a row).
    Depending on the customs/immigration lines maybe we'll see you at the Couples Lounge for a Red Stripe!

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