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    Default Celebrity sightings at CSA?

    Has anyone had a celebrity encounter at CSA? We are booked for the end of March! Seems like it might be a hassle if someone well known was there? Or does everybody leave each couple too themselves? From the reviews, I have read, it sounds like CSA, is Great no matter who is there!! Can't wait

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    We saw a retired pro football player and his wife on one visit. They were staying in the building in front of us. It did not cause a stir and I don't think alot a people may have recognized him.

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    Several years ago at CSA, a host from an HGTV show that my husband & I watched was there with his wife. Don't know if anyone else much even knew who he was.

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    I met a retired St. Louis Cardinal player on one trip. I said hello to him and respected his vacation. Don't think anyone else knew who he was.

    it's all about the kids

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    We have never noticed any celebrities but then again I am not sure I would recognize them on vacation. Being a die hard Cardinal fan for life I am curious who Sue and Randy saw?!

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    Encountered violinist Aaron Meyer at CSA several years ago, who was there for a friend's wedding and played afterwards. Later, he brought the house down at the talent competition.

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    I actually live in fear of running into Robert Fripp somewhere (I wager 99.99% are asking "who?" ). I have been a fan for years and know that he would prefer to be left alone. If he was at Couples, I would feel the burdon of having to avoid him! Heck, I don't if I would approach ANY celebrity. I would rather let them be.

    Related, sort of...
    At times I will avoid wearing clothing that references any brand/product/school/band/etc., preferring a plain pocket t-shirt. Too many times I have been somewhere, wanting to just keep to myself, and someone will strike up a conversation based on whatever is on my shirt. I am polite and will engage them....but have taken to wearing the black pocket t-shirt when traveling. (and I am just some random person...I can only imagine what it would be like for a celebrity)

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    Saw an actress from the uk soap Emmerdale Deena Payne in 2009 at CSA

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