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    Well the final countdown is on! 45 days and we will be on our way to CSA for the second time! This time we are bringing 2 other couples with us! Neither of them have been to Jamaica before so we are very excited to introduce them to the place and people we love! I have a couple questions about our upcoming trip any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Is Richard still working on the water sports staff? We really enjoyed getting to know him on our previous trip and would love to se him again.

    We are arriving on a Monday afternoon. I know the repeaters dinner is that evening and we were really looking forward to attending. However I am unsure if we will get an invitation since we are arriving later on the day of the dinner. Anyone have experience with this?

    This is the first time we are traveling in Feburary. Most of the time we travel for our anniversary in May but decided on a Valentines day trip this time. What do you suggest we wear on the plane? It will be cold when we leave Oklahoma and warm when we get to MoBay. I dont want to lug a coat with me.

    My husband was wondering if you can still get the following dishes. He is very excited to get back to the delicious food at couples!

    Fish tacos, Sweet potato chips and dips (specifically the jalapeño pumpkin dip) and self serve Red Stripe at Sea Grapes
    Smoked marlin dip at Patios
    Red Bull at the sports bar

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    We will be heading back to CSA in late January from Buffalo. I can answer a few questions for you. When we were at CSA this past January, all of the dishes that you mention were on the menu, including the Red Bull at the Sports Bar.

    If you do not receive an invitation to the repeaters dinner at check-in, simply go over to the concierge after you check-in and tell them you would like to attend the repeaters dinner that night. More than likely they will be able to accommodate you.

    We travel from Buffalo and never take a coat with us on the plane. Usually hubby wears a fleece to the airport (we take a cab) for the quick dash into the terminal. I wear a light sweater (we both wear slacks or jeans). We pack shorts in our carryon, and if we want, we can change into shorts at the restroom at the Couples Lounge at MoBay. So, yes, it is usually a little bit chilly to run from the parking lot to the airport terminal in just a sweater in Buffalo, but not worth packing the coat. Alternatively, if you have family drop you off at the airport, they can take your coat home for you.

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    We come from Northern Ontario, Canada and always travel in the winter. What we always do is wear a sweater you'd bring for cool evenings and a windbreaker (we usually bring anyways in case of rain, etc) and wear those together on the way to the airport and/or plane, that way you aren't lugging a jacket too heavy for Jamaica with you and can just take them off and shove them in your carry-on upon arrival.

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    we live in Minnesota and we do a park and ride. We park in the lot, remove our jackets when the shuttle arrives and I wear a light sweat outfit for the plane with shorts and tshirt underneath. It works really well.

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    Perfect! Thanks for the info! Being from Oklahoma it could be 65 and sunny when we leave or we could be in the middle of an ice storm! You just never know! I think I will wear a light sweatsuit with a tank. I am really excited about the repeaters dinner! We are staying Mon-Sat so we will miss lobster night Saturday evening. I read that the repeaters dinner is often a surf and turf with lobster. Plus I am just looking forward to meeting other guests and staff members! Do people usually dress up for the dinner ?

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    Photo, the second time my wife and I went to Swept Away, she deceided to dress up for the repete dinner. Well, she got 'dressed up'. Walking to the dinner, we got half way there and she started looking at all the other women. Well, back to the room we went. She dressed down, still however with a dress, but a little less jewlery, flat shoes, dressed but more comfortable. That's how you go. Look good, feel good, but be comfortable.

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    People do tend to dress up for the repeaters dinner. I usually wear a summery dress and Bob wears slacks and shirt with collar. I think you would be OK even in shorts, as long as you paired it with with a nice shirt or blouse. Definitely no t-shirts.

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    Great! I have a new dress that I was planning to wear but didn't know if it would be too much. It isn't formal but a little more dressy than what I would normally wear.

    Does anyone now about Richard at the water sports hut?

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