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    Default CTI Jungle Hot Tubs Still There?

    We just booked a return trip to the new and improved CTI. This will be our 3rd trip, and after seeing pix of the latest, greatest stuff we are so excited about going back!!

    I do wonder, however, if the jungle hot tubs are still there. We so enjoyed these on our previous trips and hope they are still in place, or even better, maybe upgraded and *new*. That would be fantastic.

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    I have heard they are gone but not sure. I will find out in 2 weeks! I will miss them if so.

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    No more jungle hot tubs That's where they build the new spa but there is a new gorgeous big spa hot tub but not private like the old jungle tubs.
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    Default CTI Jungle Hot Tubs

    Actually there are 2 new hot tubs by the spa. When the vegetation around them grows they will be quite secluded. We were told on our Trading Places tour that guests were welcome to use them at night.
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