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    Default will we get an invite to repeaters dinner

    last time i was at csa i didnt sign up for the rewards program(what an idiot right). i thought there would be no way i could ever be able to afford to come back to jamaica let alone couples, but life is good and all i can think about is my feet in the sand. so with all that said i booked a sr and we leave in about 2 weeks. this time i did sign up for the rewards program will we get an invite to repeaters dinner?

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    I would call them to see if they will give you credit for your previous stay. I believe as long as it wasn't more than four years ago you should be able to.

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    thanks for the advise. i called and they told me that they would do it if was LESS than 12 months. but after i did some sweet-talkin she said no problem mon ill take care of it. this is one of the many reasons why i will continue to keep going back to couples.

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    I contacted them as it's been over 6 years since we last went to Couples. I signed up the Rewards program but wanted to know if my previous stays (2006 & 2004) could be credited and they can't. They didn't have the program back then. But since I have been before, they said I could attend the Repeaters Dinner. Which we are thinking about.

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    You don't need to be a Rewards member to be a Repeater. All you need to do is have stayed there before and tell them during check-in, when it was and which resort.

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    my previous stay was in may of 2011

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    We were married there in 2006 before the program and went back in 2011. We got an invite without problems just didnt get credit for our 2 weeks there.

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    We also have been to CSS and the tower over 6 years ago , we are back at the end of January , from what i read we can call them and they may credit us these stays?
    Or should we speak to them once we get there?
    I believe the dinner is on Thursday's

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